Justin Bieber's Outrageous Tour Rider Demands Haunt His Changed Reputation Today


  • Justin Bieber’s 2017 tour rider included luxury cars, five daily meals renamed after his songs, shipped-in ping pong tables, and two five-star hotels.
  • In 2010, Justin’s tour rider included more humble requests like vitamin water, ginger ale, and simple snacks.
  • Bieber’s extravagant demands contrast with an effort to clean up his reputation, leaving fans disappointed.

Justin Bieber has long had a massive following in the pop music world. But over the years, Justin has also earned his fair share of detractors, and his bad and spendy habits don’t seem to have helped. Justin’s ridiculous concert demands only worsened his reputation after the details were revealed online.

Here, we’ll cover what was in the leaked tour rider, how Justin’s demands have evolved since his first tour in 2010, and why his most recent tour isn’t helping Bieber uphold his cleaned-up reputation today.

Justin Bieber’s 2017 Tour Rider Cost Millions To Fulfill

In 2017, when he was on his Purpose World Tour, details of Justin’s alleged tour rider asks leaked on X (formerly Twitter). The list of wild demands was reportedly for the India leg of Justin’s tour, and it included oddly specific items that seemed to confirm the location.

While Justin doesn’t seem to have addressed the tour rider claims, and there is no proof that the typed-up summation of his tour rider is authentic, it sure sounds like it might be.

Justin Bieber performing onstage
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According to the leaked document, Justin’s team requested 10 luxury sedans and two Volvo buses for Justin’s crew in India, while Bieber himself was to be lent a Rolls-Royce. In addition to a crew of 120 people, Justin reportedly planned to bring in “containers” with ping pong tables and other big items like a fridge, washing machine, wardrobe, and massage table.

For food, Justin reportedly requested “top culinary experts” to provide five meals per day “renamed after his popular songs.” In addition, Justin’s culinary requests included “health foods” like coconut water, protein powder, raw organic honey, alkaline water, various fizzy drinks, and snack trays with a long list of very specific fruit, vegetables, and meat on them.


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Justin is also said to have requested various treats like Ghirardelli dark chocolare with sea salt and almonds and a “large pack of Swedish fish.” All told, his food and beverage requests likely added up to at least a few thousand dollars, but Bieber wasn’t done yet.

Two entire five-star hotels were fully booked out (for “security reasons”) for Justin, then he required 13 backstage rooms for his various team members and family, plus specific decor for each of his rooms.

Justin specifically asked for silver cutlery, fresh flowers (specifically purple carnations), and scented candles. However, he apparently had a strict no-lilies rule. An in-room masseuse, a complete style overhaul to the hotel rooms (paintings, curtains, and Kashmiri linens), and a “special Indian Yoga Casket” with essential oils and incense rounded out the offerings.

With the car rentals, food and beverage, security personnel, and all the cozy comforts of home, Bieber’s asks likely totaled well into the millions. Bieber even reportedly requested helicopter transport to the concert location, eschewing the traditional road travel used by most performers.

Again, it hasn’t been confirmed that the leaked documents are from Bieber’s tour, but an earlier tour rider with similar items seems to match Bieber’s typical requests. However, that earlier tour rider was far less demanding than Bieber’s 2017 requests.

When He Was 16, Justin Bieber’s Tour Rider Was Very Different

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Back when Justin Bieber was 16 and becoming an international pop star, his tour rider was much more humble even as he embarked on his first world tour — aptly titled My World Tour. In 2010, Justin Bieber’s tour rider included specific demands, such as having his own private bathroom, a room to accommodate his 16-member band, and meals for the cast and crew.

Most of the requests seem logical, such as wanting private rooms that could be locked by Justin and his team or requesting soap and toilet paper in the bathrooms. Back then, Justin had simple tastes, as evidenced by the rider, including things like ginger ale, Diet Coke, and ice.



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Justin also had a long list of snack requests, but these pale in comparison to his modern-day asks. In 2010, Justin requested vitamin water, herbal tea, various fruit, veggie, and deli platters (without the specifics detailed in his India rider), a large pack of Swedish Fish or Big Foots (a Canadian candy), honey and lemon, and a Vicks Steam Inhaler.

The only oddities on that list seemed to be packages of white shirts in various styles and sizes, but it’s not clear whether those were for Justin or his team. Compared to the million-dollar rider of 2017 — which similarly included the telltale undershirts-and-socks package — Justin’s 2010 demands were hardly demands at all. After all, even the B-list performers were entitled to utensils and condiments.

Over time, it seems that Justin’s tastes evolved with his earnings and in later years, nothing was considered off limits when he decided to perform.

Justin Bieber’s Tour Demands Don’t Help His New And Improved Reputation

Knowing the level of extravagance Justin Bieber reportedly required to perform during his 2017 world tour only adds to the irritation that some people harbor against the pop star. Over the years, Justin earned quite a reputation for his bad behavior.

On top of that, Justin often made headlines for his high-profile, on-off relationship with ex Selena Gomez. Fans on Selena’s side still actively hate Justin (and Hailey Bieber) for hurting Selena, whether he actually wronged her or not.

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But beyond his music or personal relationships, Justin has created plenty of scandal all on his own. He once spat on fans, exhibited disrespectful behavior while touring the Anne Frank House, violated a protected heritage site, drove under the influence, threatened paparazzi, punched a fan in the face, and much more — Justin stormed off the stage during two separate concerts.

Justin has also previously made inflammatory comments regarding race and also seemed to defend abusers who assault women.

However, he has apologized for his past behavior more than once, and in recent years, it seemed like Justin had changed for the better — and so had his reputation.


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While his tour rider doesn’t represent Justin Bieber as an entire person, it doesn’t reflect well on his improved reputation. After all, Justin makes around one million dollars per concert — and it doesn’t sound like he has to pay for all his tour demands.

Justin’s seemingly self-centered tour rider being leaked doesn’t bode well for the singer, whose reputation had previously been cleaned up a bit, especially after he got married, matured, and made plans to become a dad.