JUST IN: It Is a Day Worth Falling For – Tinubu Breaks Silence on Democracy Day ‘Slip’

President Bola Tinubu has spoken out about the viral incident where he missed a step and fell while boarding a vehicle for a parade at Eagle Square to commemorate Democracy Day.

The President has joked that he was simply performing a traditional Yoruba greeting, “dobale”, and that democracy is worth falling for.

Speaking at the State Banquet Dinner for the Democracy Day Celebrations on Wednesday, Tinubu said, “June 12 represents the heart and soul of our democratic struggle in this country. Early this morning, I had a swagger and it’s all over social media. They’re confused whether I was doing buga or babaringa, but it’s a day to celebrate democracy while doing ‘dobale’ for today. As a proud Yoruba boy, I did my dobale. Democracy is a day that is worthy of falling for.”

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that the incident occurred when Tinubu slipped while boarding the parade vehicle at Eagles Square, but his security details and aides quickly rushed to his aid, assisting him in regaining his balance.

Despite the incident, Tinubu’s Special Adviser on Social Media, Dada Olusegun, had earlier downplayed concerns, insisting that there are no issues with the President’s health.

Watch the President’s reaction below: