June 12: NGO tasks youth to embrace tenets of democracy

As Nigeria commemorate her 25th anniversary of democratic government, the founder of the Mandate Democracy Day Conference and Awards, Prince Chidebere Ani, has charged Nigerian youth to positively embrace democracy even as they aspire leadership position.

Chidebere while speaking in Abuja on Friday, at the Mandate Democracy Day Conference and Award Ceremony, stated that the conference aims to create awareness among Nigerian youth on how they can become a force for good.

Chidebere explained that the conference serves as a platform for stakeholders and for the youth to reflect on democracy and the impact of founding fathers of democracy in Nigeria.

“We have to bring this to the minds of the people that yes, this democracy that we enjoy today, there is need for us to continue to see that we leverage, meet and educate our people, let them know what have happened in the past, let us say that yes, there are people who have actually paid this price and they don’t just pay this price for us to enjoy but for us you know to be part of the decision making and the policy maker to encourage our youth to do what we are doing right now.”

Chidebere stated that the mandate award with the theme: Democratic Governance in Nigeria, the journey so far, what next? was chosen to celebrate Nigeria’s 25 years of uninterrupted democratic governance and those individuals and corporate bodies who have supported, promoted democracy.

He noted that the conference seek to promote, support and recognize individuals and corporate bodies who have made it possible for Nigeria to get to where it is in its democratic journey.

Also, the federal commissioner representing Enugu state in the Federal Character Commission, FCC, Mrs Ginika Tor, who was also a recipient charged Nigerian youth to take the bull by the horn by partaking in governance and leveraging on Nigeria’s current situation to achieve leadership position.

Tor admonished the government to continue listening to the voices of the masses, do the needful by ensuring things work for the betterment of Nigerians while encouraging youth to get involved actively.

“My advice also for government is that they should continue to listen also, the people around government should please do the needful and get this country going forward. You know, I think this is the most patient time I’ve ever seen Nigerians I don’t know why things have not gotten a bit like this earlier.

“So I still want to encourage you to show that you are ready. So many youths were given opportunity this time. If I’ve ever done more than before, I can name series of youths everywhere.”

President and Founder, Prince 7 Youth Development Initiative, Prince Godswill Edward also charged the youth to participate actively in politics.

” I have consistently spoken about participation in politics and why young people should be given an opportunity but why it’s not given, it’s taken.

“Look at the antecedents of great people who have served and fought for our democracy. It was an ultimate sacrifice and the price to pay, so Nigerians should come together. I know youth needs leadership and that’s why there’s a synergy of a lot of young people coming together”.

“It’s not just about going to vote, it’s also being part of joining a political party, being intentional, putting yourself forward, you know, we want to see how citizens will stop complaining but if you have solutions, bring it to the table. Governance is collective, it’s about the people, so I feel that we’re doing well but we should do better.”

Edward however charged Nigerians to be actively involved in politics, patriotic, and respect the rule of law and stop the blame game on political office holders.