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JT Seemingly Addresses Sukihana’s Diss Track & Explains Why She Didn’t Respond (WATCH)

Oop! JT has finally addressed Sukihana’s diss track aimed at her. While appearing on Keyshia Ka’oir’s ‘All Things Keyshia Ka’oir’ podcast, the City Girls rapper spoke about Suki’s recent record.

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JT Comments On Sukihana’s Diss Record

As The Shade Room previously reported, Sukihana released her single ‘Cocaine’ in May. The song sparked speculation among social media users, who believed that Suki was firing shots at Jatavia based on the bars dropped.

However, while speaking with Keyshia Ka’oir, Jatavia revealed that she didn’t take Suki’s song seriously.

“I did not take that serious. Nothing was true. None of that is true. And I don’t pay her enough to jump over all of that. Yes, I can argue with a stranger on Twitter. But for me to really go in the studio right in the middle of doing my first project, This is a f***** very delicate time for me.”

The ‘No Bars’ artist further revealed why she didn’t bother to put out a diss track in response to Suki.

“I would have to love that diss track to put it out because I’m so critical of myself. I would have to get cover art, I would have to do a lot. And I just didn’t think it was worth it. And I would have to drag other people into it. Nobody on her side did anything to me for me to be disrespectful. And I don’t even hate her enough to go that far.”

Social Media Reacts To The Rapper’s Explanation

The Roomies were quick to share their two cents about JT’s statements in The Shade Room comment section. Some social media users gave the ‘Okay’ rapper credit for staying away from the drama, while others believed Sukihana was only looking for attention.

Instagram user @mzchazs wrote, “I’m glad JT didn’t react to that. That to me is impressive.” 

Instagram user @shakariaak wrote, “I don’t think she took you seriously either that’s why she made the song.” 

Then Instagram user @prettygalnini wrote, “I still feel like JT was definitely talking about her though. JT was too specific.” 

While Instagram user @itschaachanel wrote, “Y’all not really fans of Suki y’all just don’t like JT admit it.” 

Instagram user @_gracedevoiya wrote, “Suki was looking for attention for her music, period point blank!” 

Instagram user @tiashaee wrote, “People listened to Suki diss for that one day laughed & nobody has talked about it or played the song since!!!” 

Finally, Instagram user @helovv_bre wrote, “They love to hate on JT I could never.” 

Suki Takes Shots At JT

Fans of Sukihana and Jatavia know that they have engaged in heated exchanges on social media. However, Suki took it further when she hopped in the booth and decided to release her diss record, ‘Cocaine.’

Social media users believed that Suki was speaking about Jatavia because of the name-drops throughout her verses. The ‘Love and Hip Hop Miami’ star mentions JT’s boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert, Ice Spice, and Yung Miami.

Shortly after the release of ‘Cocaine,’ Suki warned JT that she had another “diss in the vault” just in case she decided to get shady.

“Just know I got another 1 in the vault, let’s see the lame response she comes with. Also babe the plug said u reached out but there’s one more for you,” Sukihana wrote on her Instagram story. 

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