Johnvents Industries strengthens commitment to sustainable cocoa with voting membership in Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC)

​​Johnvents Industries Limited, a leading force in Nigeria’s cocoa industry, takes a vocal step towards a thriving and sustainable cocoa future by joining the Federation of Cocoa Commerce (FCC) as a voting member under the Production and Exportation category.

This membership marks a major milestone for Johnvents Industries Limited, solidifying its commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethical and transparent trade practices – a principle that benefits all stakeholders within the cocoa industry.

We are incredibly honoured to join the FCC’s esteemed network of over 193 companies, representing every sector of the global cocoa industry. This platform offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders and collectively shape the future of cocoa production and trade, for the mutual benefit of Africa and the global market.” said Caroline Omotosho, managing director at Johnvents Industries Limited.

“Beyond elevating our standing in the international market, this voting membership empowers us to advocate for policies and practices that promote sustainable growth and development throughout the cocoa sector. At Johnvents Industries Limited, we are firmly dedicated to ensuring ethical sourcing practices, encouraging sustainable cocoa farming methods, and delivering the highest quality cocoa products to customers worldwide,” She added.

Speaker further, Peter van den Hengel, the international trade director at Johnvents industries stated, “We are confident that this membership will unlock new avenues for growth, collaboration, and positive impact within the cocoa sector. Johnvents Industries limited looks forward to actively contributing to FCC initiatives alongside industry leaders, focusing on key areas such as sustainable development, innovation, and market expansion. We look forward to shaping a brighter future for cocoa production and trade, one that benefits both Africa and the global market.”

About Johnvents Industries Limited

Johnvents Industries Limited is a Nigerian indigenous agribusiness and manufacturing group committed to driving sustainable growth across the agricultural value chain from production, processing, manufacturing, and distribution. The company is at the intersection of everything agriculture, unlocking immense values and ensuring food supply and premium export value for Africa. Johnvents Industries owns the Johnvents Cocoa Factory in Akure, an 18,000 MT plant with cocoa liquor, butter, cake, and powder outputs.

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