Jason Kelce Insulted Prince William Before Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Hung Out With Him


  • Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason, did not receive an invite to Taylor Swift’s concert in London due to recent negative comments about monarchy.
  • Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce took a selfie with Prince William and his children at the concert, creating social media buzz.
  • Despite Jason Kelce’s controversial remarks on monarchies, Travis corrected him when realizing they would meet Prince William.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce may have been rubbing shoulders with the royals recently during her London performance, but there’s a reason his brother Jason Kelce didn’t get the invite. The NFL star seemed to shade the royals shortly before Taylor and Travis’ selfie with Prince William and two of his children began going viral online.


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Prince William Attended Taylor’s Show With His Kids

Travis and Prince William had a memorable encounter at Swift’s Eras Tour concert at London’s Wembley Stadium on Friday, June 21.

The duo posed for a backstage photo with the pop star along with William’s children, Prince George, 10, and Princess Charlotte, 9. He shares his kids with Kate Middleton (they also have a younger son, George, 6), who’s currently undergoing treatment for cancer. But it seems like William was determined to give his kids a sense of normalcy during the fun-filled evening at Taylor’s concert.

The following day, Taylor shared the photo on Instagram, writing, “Happy Bday M8! London shows are off to a splendid start.”

The official Instagram account of Prince William and Kate Middleton also posted the selfie, captioning it with, “Thank you @taylorswift for a great evening! #LondonTSTheErastour.”

While Travis and Taylor may have seemed happy to hang with the royals, fans were quick to point out Jason Kelce’s recent comments about the monarchy, suggesting he may not have been beaming like his younger brother if he had gotten the chance to take a selfie with England’s future king.

Just last week, Jason expressed his disdain for monarchies during a previously recorded discussion about Father’s Day traditions in Thailand on the June 19 episode of their podcast, New Heights.


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“I’m out on honoring kings,” Jason declared. “Listen, we’re Americans. We don’t do royalty.” He added emphatically, “F–k kings. But I wouldn’t mind [wife] Kylie [Kelce] kneeling at my feet.”

Travis seemed to realize he would soon meet Prince William, leading him to make a surprised face. He gestured for Jason to stop. “Not f–k kings,” Travis corrected him.

In an effort to steer the conversation in a different direction, Travis then asked his brother a question. “Why are you into people kneeling at your feet?” Jason responded, “It’s out of respect, it’s Father’s Day. Maybe feed me some grapes.”

Travis pointed out the inconsistency in Jason’s statements, saying, “You can’t be ‘out on kings’ and ‘in on people bowing.’” Jason clarified, “I’m not into people bowing. I’m into my children bowing to me to show me respect, God dammit.”

Following Travis’s meeting with Prince William, fans and listeners of New Heights couldn’t help but comment on the amusing timing of the podcast episode, Us Weekly notes. One user on X remarked, “The timing of this New Heights clip couldn’t have been any better!”

Another commented, “This was all I could think of when she posted the selfie! Jason had to know!” Another fan humorously noted about Travis, “His life flashed before his eyes.”

Taylor hasn’t offered her opinion on Jason’s comments.