It Is Ridiculous To Accuse Gov Ododo Of Protecting Yahaya Bello – Kogi Youths

The Kogi Youth Leaders Forum (KYLF) has berated those accusing Governor Usman Ododo of protecting his predecessor, Yahaya Bello, from prosecution.

The group insisted that the allegations were politically motivated, and demanded that Ododo be allowed to concentrate on his duties as governor.

Speaking via a statement on Tuesday, the KYLF convener, Benjamin Oguche, claimed that Bello’s trial by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has become a tool to exploit political opportunists.

He described the allegation against Bello as political witchcraft and giving a bad name to a dog to kill it.

Oguche alleged that powerful forces both within and outside the state were determined to topple Bello.

According to him, “It is now clear from the malicious call of the Northern group that Yahaya Bello’s ordeal is not exactly determined by alleged money laundering. It is clearly political witchcraft, persecution and giving a bad name to a dog just to kill it.

“Interestingly, there is no fear that a man in the eye of the storm should be available to give answers on how he ran the affairs of our country and left a legacy of honor and pride.

“Accusing Ododo of protecting a man who has not escaped is not only childish but ridiculous. It is one of their many tricks to distract the governor with trifles and inconsistencies to achieve their nefarious ends.

“As we gathered earlier, how big was the 2016 Kogi budget that the governor was accused of raking in over $80bn? For the avoidance of doubt, the state only got N39bn from FAAC in 2016. So, the makers of the hostile claim must prove where their alleged fund was stolen from.

“Since the matter is already in court dominating their discussion, it is only a mob against a man whose crime is nothing other than protecting the welfare of his people.

“Yahaya Bello is not the only politically influential person to be accused, but we continue to wonder why feathered elements seized on this to vent their pent-up anger.”