“It breaks my heart” – Juliana Olayode writes note to victims of abuse as they bombard her DMs

Nollywood actress Juliana Olayode has written a note to victims of all forms of abuse.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, she stated that when she feels the lead to share something personal, she is always overthinking it and feels it’s too much information. But, she can’t say No to the Holy Spirit, she goes ahead and share it and is surprised when her DMs get flooded with messages of people passing through similar experiences.

Juliana stated that it breaks her heart knowing that a lot of people have gone through all forms of abuse and have carried the pain through the years. She stated that she can’t imagine how much more it will break God’s heart to see them hurt so deeply. Olayode revealed that she has taken time to pray for them and will keep them in her prayers.

“Here you go, the “covered sexy” pictures.
If you don’t get it, make sure you see the post before this one and carefully read the last five slides to understand.

This pictures were taken in April 2022. Looking back, and I am so grateful to God for the journey of healing and how committed He is to the healing and wholeness of His own.

My DM is FULL, whenever I feel lead to share something that personal, I’m always overthinking it and I also always feeling like it’s too much information but because I can’t say “NO” to Him, I go ahead and share it. I thought the message was for one person but the number of people that has DMed from last night till now is unbelievable.

It breaks my heart to see that a lot of people have been through all forms of abuse and have carried the pain through the years, I cannot imagine how much more it will break God’s heart to see you hurt so deeply.
I have taken time to pray for each of you, will keep you in prayer.

I know that God is sending healing your way, please take it. Don’t let the devil lie to you that you are too broken to be healed just because he wants to keep you trapped in the pain/trauma.

I really want to hug you all, I’m thinking of having a physical or virtual meeting where I can invite my friends who are therapists to come speak with you and we can take time to pray together, you know… Just a heart to heart kind of thing. I also understand that this is a very sensitive situation so please let me know if you will be interested and tag/ share this post with anyone that might need to see it.

In the meantime, I’ll take time to double check with God about the meeting, I’ll reply as many DMs as I Can, and I trust the same God that healed me to heal you.

Sending you warm hugssss, love and light”.

In 2022, Olayode had called out Pastor Timi Adigun, who was her ‘spiritual’ father and manager, for taking control of her Facebook and other social media accounts. During their social media verbal exchange, the actress revealed that the pastor molested her sister, but the clergyman debunked abusing her sister.