Is "Marry Rich" Advocate Christine Quinn's Assault-Charged Estranged Husband Really Rich?


  • Despite struggles, Christine Quinn made an impact post-Selling Sunset exit, from runway walks to a self-help book.
  • Quinn’s marriage to Christian Dumontet took a dark turn, with abuse allegations leading to arrests.
  • The reality star advocates for marrying rich, even after facing challenges with a millionaire husband’s legal troubles.

Before Selling Sunset‘s Nicole Young became one of the most unlikeable figures on reality TV, there was self-proclaimed villain, Christine Quinn, who surprisingly left the show after season 5. Quinn quit The Oppenheim Group to open her firm, RealOpen with her now-estranged husband, Christian Dumontet (known as Christian Richard on the Netflix show). Since her exit, she’s taken the fashion world by storm – walking the runway for brands like Balenciaga and posing for magazine covers.

She also published her “self-help book” How to Be a Boss B*tch, where she opened up about her dark history of dating sugar daddies. Despite her bad experiences with dating wealthy men, she remains an advocate of marrying rich. Unfortunately, her millionaire husband filed for divorce after he was arrested, twice, following a “domestic dispute”. Concerned fans have been cheering on Quinn to “take all his money”, but is Dumontet really that rich?


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Christian Dumontet Was Arrested For Injuring His Child With Christine Quinn During “Domestic Dispute”

On March 19, 2024, Dumontet was first arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and charged with child abuse/endangerment. He “threw a bag containing a glass bottle at the victim,” referring to Quinn. But he missed and injured their 3-year-old son, Christian Georges instead. The reality star agreed to a seven-day protective order against her husband. But after posting a $30,000 bail the following day, the tech entrepreneur was arrested again after returning home and violating the protective order.

Christine Quinn’s friends set her up with Christian Dumontet after completing season 1 of
Selling Sunset

Quinn immediately filed a temporary restraining order, alleging Dumontet of being “volatile and erratic” throughout their relationship. As it turned out, she’d told him about her “dissatisfaction” with their marriage leading up to the incident. He then began yelling and throwing heavy things at her, like “heavy floral arrangements.” She alleged that “he narrowly missed hitting me with one of the metal rods, but I was struck by one of boxes he threw.”

“He then opened a can of Red Bull and threw that across the room as well, making more of a mess … and returned a short time later, and threw dog feces at me, which he pulled out of the trash.”

At one point, Quinn said Dumontet “pulled out his penis and began to urinate on the floor.” She then hid in the master bathroom with her son, feeling “terrified” for their safety during the altercation. The next day, the latter picked a fight again. “While I was working, I heard, and felt the rush of air from an object hurtling towards me and our son. The next instant I heard what sounded like glass breaking,” the model recalled.

Quinn “saw broken glass in our son’s hair and on the floor” and “after a few seconds, our son burst into tears and began screaming. I was concerned about his health and safety.” Within minutes, LAPD police officers responded to what they ruled a “domestic dispute”.

In her filing for a temporary restraining order, Quinn mentioned that Dumontet went to ​”extreme measures to prevent me from leaving the property” and to “isolate me and our son.” He even locked the front security gate of their home “so we physically cannot leave the property.” Her request was approved by a judge on March 28.

Dumontet also filed a restraining order against Quinn, but the judge denied his request because his claims “do not show a reasonable proof of a past act or acts of abuse.” On April 5, Dumontet filed for divorce, which Quinn seemingly addressed via X (formerly Twitter). “Trash always takes itself out,” she wrote on May 9.

Christine Quinn and Christian Dumontet spent “over a million dollars” on their gothic winter wonderland wedding in 2019.


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Christine Quinn’s Estranged Millionaire Husband Owes $100,000 In Hospital Bills From Their Son’s Birth

Christine Quinn's Estranged Millionaire Husband Owes $100,000 In Hospital Bills From Their Son's Birth
via X (formerly Twitter)

According to reports, Dumontet has a net worth of $20 million. Before co-founding RealOpen with Quinn (CMO), where he’s listed as CEO, he was a software engineer who worked on “multiple companies and development projects” before retiring. He’s most known for being the co-founder and CEO of Foodler, an online restaurant meal-ordering service acquired by Grubhub.

Christian Dumontet proposed to Christine Quinn with a $1.2 million diamond ring.

Despite his supposed wealth, Quinn claimed that Dumontet owed over $100,000 in hospital bills from their son’s birth in 2021. In a document filed in the Superior Court of California on April 16, 2024, the blonde bombshell demanded Dumontet to be held responsible for “unpaid hospital bills related to the birth of the parties’ son.” He owes “an amount in excess of $100,000 (total amount to be determined.”

“Petitioner [Dumontet] stated he would pay these bills, however, he has allowed them to enter collections under Respondent’s [Quinn’s] name (without her knowledge), severely impacting her credit.”

Since his arrest, fans have been speculating that Dumontet’s either “secretly going broke or is broke.” A Redditor said it’s “highly possible” as “his entire ‘business’ is around crypto incl. the one he owns with Christine. Crypto is super volatile so one wrong move at the wrong time and he could have lost millions.”

They added that Quinn probably discovered her estranged husband’s “real” financial status, which prompted her to express “dissatisfaction” with their marriage. “Christine isn’t stupid, so I would NOT be surprised if we found out he was not who he said he was and she caught on to ithe [gives] scammer vibes and used her to start a company for [Christ’s] sake,” wrote another Reddit commenter.

Here’s a timeline of Quinn’s whirlwind relationship with Dumontet:


The two met after being set up by Quinn’s friends; The realtor helped Dumontet find a new home

December 2019

They had their lavish gothic winter wonderland wedding which was featured in season 3 of Selling Sunset

May 2021

Quinn gave birth to her son and was accused of faking her pregnancy in season 4

April 2022

Quinn left The Oppenheim Group and launched RealOpen with Dumontet

March 2024

Dumontet was arrested for assault following a “domestic dispute”

April 2024

Dumontet filed for divorce from Quinn, citing “irreconcilable differences”


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Christine Quinn Wants Women To Have Their “Own Side Hustle” Before Marrying Rich

Christine Quinn Wants Women To Have Their "Own Side Hustle" Before Marrying Rich
via Instar

While promoting her book, How to Be a Boss B*tch, Quinn told Interview that her grandma told her to marry rich. When asked about her special relationships with wealthy men before, the Selling Sunset alum said, “There’s a huge stigma to [being a sugar baby],” adding, “It’s two consenting adults, and women are so ashamed of that.” She said the book was meant to inspire women to bank on “expressing themselves.”

“I want women, and everyone, to use their platform, their sexuality, their whatever, to express themselves,” Quinn explained. “Even OnlyFans—if that’s something you want to do, why should you be shamed of that?”

She continued: “When we were writing the book, I was advised not to talk about it. But I say what I want to say, and there’s absolutely no shame in it at all.” But despite being “in a relationship with a wonderful man who was great to me,” Quinn “learned along the way that I didn’t want to be a housewife.” She joked, “I mean, a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, maybe— but that life took away my freedom.”

She then clarified that the book aims “to educate people on how to do [date rich men] right—if you’re gonna settle down like that, make sure you have your own side hustle.” Talking about her then-new marriage to Dumontet, Quinn said she “had to build my kingdom before my prince came to me. I was doing really well in real estate, I was on a television show, and that’s when he came to me.” She then ended her statement with a rather philosophical quote:

“It’s my belief that it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is with a poor man. So, why not go rich?”

“My grandma told me that. She was the most fabulous woman, my mom as well,” Quinn shared. But when asked if she wanted to finish her studies, which she had to skip due to financial issues growing up, the reality star proudly responded: “That would go against everything I believe in.”

“People don’t need to go to a fancy school to accomplish their dreams,” she argued. “I have this street smarts and this hustle that cannot be taught at MIT, Harvard, or Yale. No master’s degree in the world can make up for the experiences that I’ve had throughout my life.” We’re sure fans can’t wait for a post-divorce tell-all or a new solo reality show.

Christine Quinn has a net worth of $3 million.