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“I’m going to keep going till they tell me I can’t!” Anthony Davis addresses his future with the Los Angeles Lakers

Anthony Davis is under contract with the Lakers for multiple years, but he could request a trade if he becomes unhappy with the situation. However, in a recent appearance on the Join the Lobby podcast, he expressed his desire to remain with the team, citing his passion for the game and his excitement to play in front of the bright lights of Crypto Arena.

AD made it clear that he still has things to prove before he retires and that being with the Lakers is a part of that. This is great news for the Lakers, as Anthony Davis represents the future of the organization, which will need to rebuild around him once LeBron James retires in the next year or two.

I look forward to play all matchups, I look forward to going on the road and being in other arenas and they’re booing you...Running out into Crypto, and everybody… the bright lights still amaze me. As long as that is still there - my passion for the game, and my body, I'm going to keep going till they tell me I can't.

Anthony Davis said on the Join the Lobby podcast

The Los Angeles Lakers’ offseason has been dominated by speculation about James’ future, as he is eligible to opt out of his contract and become a free agent. While many believe James will stay with the Lakers, the future of Anthony Davis, the team’s other star, has flown under the radar.

Davis, who is still in his prime, expressed his love for the game, saying he gets nervous before every game and looks forward to playing in different arenas. He stated that as long as his passion for the game remains, he will continue to play until his body tells him otherwise.

Anthony Davis on Kobe Bryant and the NBA’s best players

Anthony Davis shared lessons he learned from Kobe Bryant on the “Join The Lobby” podcast. Davis, 19 at the time, was deeply influenced by Bryant’s work ethic and professionalism. He recalled his dedication to training, including early morning workouts and weightlifting sessions.

I saw him getting up early in the morning, go work out. I shot with him we lifted weight together so for me, it was like oh this is how you train. He showed me how to be a professional.

Anthony Davis said

Davis shared a story about a team dinner in Barcelona, where he showed up in sweats while everyone else was dressed formally. Veterans pulled him aside, teaching him the importance of professionalism and how to carry himself on and off the court.

When asked about the best opponents he faced, Davis mentioned Kevin Durant, whom he first encountered during the Olympics. He also mentioned Victor Wembanyama, a recent opponent who impressed him with his skills despite his slender frame, where in their first matchup, both players went head-to-head, with Wemby scoring around 30 points and Davis putting up 40.

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