”I wasn’t born with a silver spoon” – BBNaija’s Ka3na reveals, days after purchasing a luxury car

BBNaija alum Ka3na is here with a little public service announcement about not being born with a silver spoon. This message has arrived after she purchased a luxury car worth millions, less than a week ago.

In a well detailed write up, Ka3na wrote;

”I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, in fact, I wasn’t born with any spoon at all, and that played a major role in how I approached my hustle aggressively.

I come from a humble Christian background, and because my parents never handed me an inheritance, I had to build wealth for myself.

As parents, we should prioritize providing quality education, security, and an abundance of love in our home to help our children grow.

I will never be the parent who keeps a pile of money somewhere for my child to inherit. Instead, I will invest in her future.

I want my daughter to be her own boss and build her own wealth, just like I did. Ka3na TBL!”

Ka3na talks about not growing up rich.Ka3na talks about not growing up rich.

On the matter of not being born with a silver spoon, Ka3na’s fate has clearly done a one-eighty degree spin because according to what she puts out online, she’s quite wealthy.

Less than a week ago, she took to Instagram to celebrate the purchase of her luxury car, which has the market value of millions of Naira.

Ka3na also spoke about her religion, which is Christianity, and this brings to mind her open relationship with the African traditional religion.

She created a ruckus online when she posted a video of herself performing abolitions in a river with a live goat.

As one who has been the center of a handful of controversies, Ka3na has built thick skin because she’s constantly in the faces of those who admonish her.

Ka3na posts a lot of her accomplishments online, and displays wealth, which she often gives credit to her late husband’s estate.