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“I know it sounds corny AF,” The Rock pens down heartwarming message to the ‘French Thor’ while taking a shot at Chris Hemsworth

The Rock is currently busy with his Hollywood projects. After making an appearance at WrestleMania XL, the Final Boss walked into the setting sun to once again grace the bigger stage of the movie industry. Amid his packed schedule, he took an opportunity to meet popular athlete Loic French Thor and shared a wholesome reel on his Instagram account.

The Brahma Bull made a heartwarming gesture by greeting the French Thor. Loic looked pretty emotional after meeting the Hollywood star. While sharing the reel, the Final Boss wrote a message in which he appreciated the superhero lookalike. He also took a major shot at Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the MCU.

I know it sounds corny AF, but being kind and good to people is truly the easiest (and best) part of my job. Plus being an asshole to people takes too much effort, and I ain’t got time for that

The Rock on Instagram

Hemsworth has made a name for himself by playing the character for more than a decade. Interestingly, the Brahma Bull was recently rumored to play a villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Therefore, such a reference at this point in time sparks a significant amount of rumors about his aspirations to work for the franchise.

Moreover, the People’s Champion went on to say that being kind is the easiest part of his job. He added that being arrogant takes a lot of effort. It was a clear reference to his recent work in WWE as a villainous character. The TKO Board Member joined forces with The Bloodline to take down Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL. However, his attempts were unsuccessful, which led to him leaving open ends with The American Nightmare before his departure.

When The Rock is expected to return to WWE?

Dwayne The Rock Johnson took a hiatus from WWE in April. After the events of WrestleMania XL, the Final Boss promised to come back for another run. Although it is not clear when the People’s Champion will return, he has left some unfinished business, which highlights the possibility of him coming back later this year.

The RockThe Rock
The Rock (via WWE)

Some believe that the Brahma Bull might return by SummerSlam. It is quite unlikely, as his Hollywood schedule is clearing around the show. Therefore, many expect him to come back to WWE around Royal Rumble next year.

It makes sense, as he has already disclosed that he will be coming back for Cody Rhodes. Therefore, it is likely that the two stars might meet at WrestleMania 41 next year in Las Vegas. Besides, the People’s Champion has a lot to do yet in WWE, including the dream match with Roman Reigns down the line.

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