How This 'Big Brother' Backdoor Elimination Became One Of The Craziest Blindsides Ever


  • Hisam’s eviction on Big Brother season 25 was one of the biggest blindsides in history, changing the game completely.
  • Hisam’s downfall began with a power trip, rubbing his alliance the wrong way, leading to his backdoor elimination.
  • Hisam felt betrayed by his alliance after his eviction but learned valuable lessons about himself through the experience.

Hisam Goueli’s third week on Big Brother forever changed the game. When his Professors alliance member Felicia Cannon became Head of Household in August 2023, he had no idea how it would end.

The theme of Big Brother is “expect the unexpected,” and with the multiverse and “Nether Region,” Big Brother 25 was a season like no other. And despite all the twists and turns thrown at the houseguests, Hisam never expected his own alliance to send him packing. Finding himself in a powerful position of the game, Hisam was clueless that his fellow houseguest and alliance member, Felicia was planning to backdoor him, nominating him for eviction after the Veto Competition was played so he couldn’t compete for his own safety.

After working hard to build a strong alliance called the Professors, with the older houseguests of the season (Cirie, Felicia, Red, Bowie, Mecole, and Izzy), and to create dominance, Hisam was shocked when he was put on the chopping block and ultimately sent home.

In the following, we take a look at how Hisam’s elimination in Big Brother season 25 went down in Big Brother history as one of the biggest blindsides ever and how it changed the trajectory of that season. We also discuss how Hisam felt about his alliance’s betrayal.

Hisam’s Elimination In Big Brother Season 25 Became One Of The Biggest Blindsides

hisam big brother 25

After winning Head of Household and the Power of Veto in week two of Big Brother season 25, Hisam quickly let the power go to his head, and so began his downfall of dictating how his alliance and other houseguests play the game. Hisam nominated Reilly and Cameron for eviction, with his clear target being Reilly who he felt was coming after him.

During the Power of Veto ceremony during his HOH week, Hisam became overly confident that Reilly was going to leave the house, much to the disgust of his housemates. He was a little bit too honest, making personal stabs and steamrolling his fellow contestants by dictating who they should be voting to evict, which aggravated his allies. The way Hisam spoke to his fellow houseguests started to rub his alliance the wrong way. Hisam became Big Brother season 25’s first villain.


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When his alliance members, Cirie and Felicia soured on Hisam after it came out he was trying to build a side alliance with the “strong” houseguests, like America, it marked the beginning of the end for season 25’s villain, Hisam.

The Professors became alarmed when Hisam started trying to recruit allies from the other side of the house who he felt were “strong,” meaning he did not have faith in his Professors alliance. So, the rest of the alliance was left with the decision, do they backstab Hisam now and save his number one target, Reilly, or stick with Hisam’s plan to evict Reilly, providing Hisam with a false sense of security.

Ultimately, during Hisam’s HOH week, the houseguests decided to send Reilly Smedley packing in a unanimous 12-0 vote. This gave Hisam a feeling of confidence, never realizing that Big Brother season 25’s heavy hitters were turning their sights on him next.

How Hisam’s Elimination Changed The Game In Big Brother 25

Hisam Goueli and Cirie

Hisam’s backdoor elimination completely changed the way the game needed to be played in Big Brother 25.

Following Hisam’s powertrip of an HOH week, his Professor alliance member, Felicia, became HOH, after winning a croquet-inspired comp. Felicia knew it was time to make a “big move,” so she devised a crafty plan where she nominated Jag Bains and Cameron Hardin, with the intent of backdooring Hisam

Hisam had been a successful player during the physical challenges, so giving him the motivation to win the Power of Veto would have hindered their plan. Instead, she had to put her faith in either Jag or Cameron winning the Power of Veto and removing themself, and it paid off.


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The challenge which followed was one of the odder ones of the season. It involved contestants running through slush to get to an egg station. The first person to transport 12 of their eggs was the winner. Jag won the POV, and he removed himself from the chopping block. At the Veto Ceremony, Hisam suggested putting up Matt Klotz, but he instead found himself up on the block.

Hisam didn’t see Felicia’s big move coming, as he believed his alliances were strong. Hisam was shocked to learn how his houseguests felt about him and how they had betrayed him. Luckily, he didn’t have to question too much, as his houseguests were very candid about their issues with him.

He pleaded with Felicia, Cirie, and Izzy to save him and promised to work tirelessly to protect them. While they considered his plea, ultimately Hisam was the one to go home.

In his final moments in the house, Hisam delivered a genuine speech, but it was too late. The house had already made up its mind about him and his domineering ways.

“Being on the block, I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my time here. I have made multiple mistakes and I understand why [I’m on the block]. But I also have found a way of asking for forgiveness which has been very meaningful for me. Right now I’m asking for your vote to stay here. I am asking for you to extend kindness, generosity, and mercy to allow me to stay in this game. If you do, I promise to be loyal to the very end.”

How Hisam Felt About His Backdoor Elimination And Alliance’s Betrayal


After Hisam was unanimously evicted, he exclusively told Us Weeklyit was “hard not to feel betrayed” by his alliance members.

“I’m devastated. Of course, I’m hurt.”

Hisam explained to ET after his shock elimination, “You go back to the conversations you [had] and you’re realizing people are telling you things that are not true and you believe them because you trust them.”

“I should have been kinder, I should have been gentler. I should have been more thoughtful. And so the person that I blame for my situation is me. I put myself there and there’s no one else to blame, and I take accountability for the things that I said. This is a very valuable, expensive learning experience.”


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After calling it all a valuable experience, Hisam shared what he learned the most about himself through his time on Big Brother .“The most valuable thing I learned about myself, it’s like, I’m still working on myself. I’m still getting better. I’m still growing. I’m still evolving. I’m still changing,” he said.

“I think sometimes one of the reasons I went on the show is because I felt like things had gotten a little stagnant in my life. And I didn’t know if I was really making the strides I wanted to both personally and professionally. And so I wanted something that would really disrupt my life. And this did it.”He added, “100 percent I got what I asked for, right?”

Hiram later admitted that his fatal flaw in Big Brother gameplay was the veto meeting. “People felt like she (Reilly) was already down and they felt I kicked her while she was down.” He does admit that while his intention was not to hurt her, he obviously did and that mistake led to his eviction.