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Heartthrob admitted to having 'secret relationship' while on hit TV show

Perfect Match is another one of Netflix’s highly successful dating shows, hosted by Nick Lachey. In this series, reality TV veterans from a wide range of shows come together in a Mexico in search of their perfect match, so let’s see who managed to make it work.

This season of Perfect Match has already been a wild ride, and we’re only half way! With favorites returning from shows like Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle and Dated and Related, we’ve had an abundance of personalities and, of course, drama! Released in two parts, the series has left us at a cliffhanger, with part two promising to bring back all the contestants for a dating frenzy. Things are about to get spicy. In the show couples, are given compatibility tests winning them a chance in the boardroom to stir the pot by bringing in new potential partners for those currently in the villa. The first six episodes, dropped on June 7, has ended with four of our five couples still perfectly matched up. And just one, in an excruciating ‘who will he choose’ moment.

Which of the five couples are still dating?

Perfect Match. (L to R) Justin Assada, Stevan Ditter, Elys Hutchinson, Alara Taneri, Micah Lussier, Kaz Bishop in episode 206 of Perfect Match. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2024
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Before the second half drops on Netflix on June 14, here’s what we know about who might still be dating outside the show.

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Tolu and Chris

Relationship status: Undetermined

We first met Tolú Ekundare on The Trust, which has apparently impacted her ability to trust in relationships. She initially matched up with Love is Blind’s Izzy, before trading him in for last seasons’ winner of Perfect Match Dom. Things didn’t go too smoothly with Dom as he had eyes for other women in the house, so she matched up with self-proclaimed ‘unlikely choice’ Chris.

Chris Hahn, the ‘Prince Charming’ of the villa, first graced our screens on Netflix’s Dated and Related. In the final episode, Chris went on a date with the host of his previous show, Melinda Berry, who he had a crush on the whole time filming. At the end, we see a heart-warming moment where Chris professes the strength of his growing feelings for Tolú, solidifying them as one of the stronger couples in the house.

Although the pair follow each other on Instagram, they are keeping their feelings about each other out of the comments section. Though many of the cast are leaving fire comments for Tolú, there’s nothing evident from Chris.

However, we can find Izzy in her comments stating, “The Main Character has arrived”.

To which Tolú responds, “Thee H-town hottiesss”.

Did they both find their perfect match on episode 1 and let it go? Guess we’ll have to watch part 2 for the return of Izzy to find out.

Stevan and Alara

Relationship status: Unconfirmed, but unlikely

Stevan Ditter, the ‘Badboy’ of the season, is a fan favorite from Too Hot to Handle Season 3. He initially paired up with Xanthi from The Circle season 5, but when sent on a date with Alara fell hard and fast. Since matching with Alara the bad boy has been reformed, making her a sweet dinner date in the villa and reassuring her of his feelings.

Alara Taneri from Dated and Related came into the villa with a storm – loud, funny and flirtatious, she turned the heads of not one but two of the already coupled up guys. She has, however, stuck with match Stevan since their first date and seems genuinely connected to him.

The pair are certainly fan favorites. A cute picture of them winning a compatibility challenge, has fans in the comments saying:


Fans are predicting, however, the two might not have made it on the outside. Interestingly, Alara follows Stevan on Instagram, but not the other way round. Could this be a ruse from the couple or a telling sign?

What we do know is the couple are going to be tested in part 2 as in the previews we hear Alara distressed saying to Stevan “I don’t want to watch you kiss someone”.

Harry and Jessica

Relationship status: Not together

Harry Jowsey is no stranger to dating shows, and well, the female cast of them. We first met him on Too Hot to Handle season 1. Since then, he seems to have made a ‘connection’ with half of the females on Netflix dating shows already. This includes dating Dom’s ‘winning perfect match’ from season 1, while they were still together. Everybody on the show had heard the rumors and many of the female cast wanted to steer clear of him, however, Elys gave him a chance. Unfortunately, once Harry was tested with his perfect type – ‘tiny and brunette’, he jumped ship and matched up with Jessica.

We met Jessica Vestal on series 6 of Love is Blind, she’s a confident single mother who knows her worth. Her self-confidence has been noted, winning an award for her iconic break-up with Jimmy.

“You are going to need your EpiPen to open up your airways because you are going to be in disbelief of what you missed out on.” Iconic.

Though she was uncomfortable with the rumours about Harry in the house, especially coming from his unlikely best friend Dom, she allowed her heart to lead the way and matched with him.

Fans seem divided on this pairing, while many adore the gushing love Harry had for the fact Jessica has a daughter, the rest are telling her to open her eyes to the obvious red flags present.

It seems Harry and Jessica did continue their romance outside the villa, at least for a short while. The show filmed in August 2023, but in March 2024 TMZ released pictures of the pair in September 2023 looking ‘hot and heavy’ on the beach.

In September 2023 Jowsey appeared on Dancing with the Stars and was rumored to be dating his dance partner Rylee Arnold. Harry stated he was in a “secret relationship” while filming, but the couple split due to the rumors about him and Rylee.

Harry said while speaking on his podcast Boyfriend Material: “I had a secret relationship at the start of Dancing With the Stars. All those edits and all that stuff kind of brought me and my girlfriend at the time apart.

“I was madly in love with this girl. It was probably just infatuation, but I thought it was love. Obviously, it ended up ending, and it fizzled out because it’s so difficult to see your boyfriend or girlfriend on Dancing with the Stars being that close with someone else.”

Though he hasn’t mentioned Jessica’s name, the timelines appear to match up. Jessica currently doesn’t follow Harry on Instagram.

Elys and Justin

Relationship status: Not together

Elys Hutchinson was season 5’s winner of Too Hot to Handle. Fans have been praising her for calling out Harry for his blindsiding switch up – “I’m not in love with you, Harry”.

She paired up for an episode with bestie Chris so she could stay in the villa, tormenting Harry. Since going on a date with Justin, the two have been paired up until the most recent episode.

Justin Assada, first seen on Surviving Paradise, was brought in to the house as a potential ‘perfect match’ for Elys. Though they’ve only been coupled up for an episode and a half, they haven’t encountered any obstacles. Justin has sweetly referred to Elys as “the most beautiful girl”, and raved about their shared sense of humor.

There isn’t much in terms of rumors about the pair outside the house, and neither follows the other on Instagram.

Though fans in Elys’ comments may have given us some insight to their relationship status.

“I really wanted to love you on this one, but it felt kinda like you were in a relationship already and just awkwardly on the show not wanting to get close to anyone ???? sorry! But still think your gorgeous!!”, states one fan.

To which another responds, “This was filmed prior to her current relationship…. lol”.

So it looks like Elys could be currently coupled up, but that partner is unlikely to be show-match Justin.

Micah and Kaz

Relationship status: Undetermined

Micah Lussier the ‘mean-girl’ turned sweetheart on Love is Blind season 4, was shockingly left at the altar causing a lot of hurt and trust issues. She’s back and looking for love on this seasons’ Perfect Match. After a ‘wife-swap’ in episode two, she’s been coupled up with Kaz and their relationship has seemed to be steadily on the rise.

Kaz Bishop who appeared with twin brother Kieran on Dated and Related, seemed to really hit it off with Micah on the show. Winning compatibility challenges and stirring things up in the boardroom, their romance continued to blossom. Netflix left us with a cruel cliffhanger as Kaz rubbed down Too Hot to Handle’s Holly Scarfone and the episode ended before he’d made his decision.

The final episode ended with Micah calling Kaz “a liar”, while Kaz claimed trust takes “ages to build and seconds to destroy.” It wasn’t looking good for the pair, and Micah predicted that Kaz’s head had been turned by hottie Holly.

Micah has shared a sweet picture of the pair during filming wearing matching outfits to the boardroom.

“Match Your Man 7000 ????✨”, according to Tolú.

The pair both currently follow each other on Instagram, but Kaz and Holly don’t. Could that be a clue to the decision he’s about to make?

I guess we’ll have to tune in when the new episodes drop on June 14 to find out!

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