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“He was already defeated,” UFC legend claims mentality defeated Deontay Wilder before knockout loss against Zhilei Zhang

Deontay Wilder recently lost his boxing bout with Zhilei Zhang. As such, Rampage Jackson discussed that fight on his ‘Jaxxon Podcast’. With his years of experience as a fighter, Jackson noticed something interesting in the lead-up to the fight which he pointed out in this latest episode.

Rampage Jackson recently sat down with TJ Dillash, Luke Rockhold, and Bear Degidio for a discussion on the recent fights this past week. Talking about the Deontay Wilder vs. Zhilei Zhang fight, Jackson pointed out a very important detail before the showdown in the ring.

If you pay attention to his interviews before the fight, he was already defeated. Just how he was talking. Like if he lose he was going to retire and stuff like that.

Rampage Jackson on JAXXON podcast

Before his fight with ‘Big Bang’, Deontay Wilder did mention that he was considering retirement if he lost. It was a “must-win” bout as he described it. The former champion acknowledged that another defeat could mark the end of his boxing career.

Zhilei Zhang secured a fifth-round knockout victory against the ‘The Bronze Bomber’. Headlining the Queensberry vs. Matchroom 5v5 event, Zhang dominated the fight, landing a powerful right-hand shot that had ‘The Bronze Bomber’ spinning. ‘Big Bang’ followed quickly with another right hand that sent Wilder to the canvas. Although Wilder managed to get back on his feet, the referee stopped the fight, declaring Zhang the winner by TKO in the fifth round.

Eddie Hearn talks about Deontay Wilder’s loss against Zhilei Zhang

Eddie Hearn had some things to say about Deontay Wilder’s fight with Zhilei Zhang. The boxing promoter seemed disappointed at the decline of what used to be one of America’s most feared knockout artists in boxing. Is this the end of ‘Deontay Wilder’?

Deontay Wilder and Eddie Hearn Deontay Wilder and Eddie Hearn
Deontay Wilder and Eddie Hearn (Image via X)
He's just not the same, in all honesty. I just feel like his confidence isn't there anymore, and you have to ask yourself, 'Why?' Is it just the timing? Is there something else wrong?

Eddie Hearn on Fight Hub TV

Hearn pointed out that Wilder did not let his hands go. That was what made him one of the most feared fighters in the world. According to the boxing promoter, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ is no longer the fighter he used to be. Hearn feels there is no road back to what he was at this point.

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