Harry Jowsey Angers Perfect Match Star Jessica Vestal And Shes Calling Him Out On His Behavior


  • Harry Jowsey’s questionable behavior on Perfect Match raises doubts about his character and loyalty in relationships.
  • Jessica Vestal confronts Harry about his actions, expressing anger and disappointment in his behavior.
  • Previous partners like Francesca Farago and Georgia Hassarati have also criticized Harry for disrespect and dishonesty.

Harry Jowsey is no stranger to dating shows, but he has become a bit of a villain because of the way things have ended with his previous partners. This includes his recent treatment of Jessica Vestal in Perfect Match season 2, and her feelings were made clear in new episodes.


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Harry flirted with Melinda Melrose, and when Jess (whom he is partnered with) confronted him about his actions, it was clear she was very upset. “Let’s talk,” she told Harry in private. “What did you do? Who did you do it with?” He tries to ease her mind, claiming it “wasn’t anything” with Melinda. “I know that was not OK,” he says. “I’m upset about hurting you. That’s all.” But is that really all?

What Is Happening Between Jess And Harry On Perfect Match?

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Jess does not buy Harry’s excuse and continues to confront him about how his actions are not cool. “So you already know that you’ve hurt me?” she asks, to which he responds, “Yeah, 100%.” Their conversation escalates, with Jess becoming visibly upset. “Why am I so angry? Why would I be angry because of my actions? I’m not in the bed crying,” she says.

“Yeah, I was crying. Jess, I was freaking the f*** out!” Harry responds. But the couple did not kiss and make up at this point. Instead, Jess expressed her anger. “You know what? You know who feels bad for you? No one,” she shouted at Harry. “You are a grown a** man. You are responsible for you. And you want to look at me, and I’m supposed to feel bad for you?”

“I’m not asking you to feel bad for me,” Harry explains. “I was worried about what the f*** you were doing today.” Jess feels that Harry’s actions were inappropriate and that he was responsible for embarrassing them. She also appears not to fully trust him and questions his loyalty.

“How would you feel if I came back and relayed the same thing to you? Do you want anyone else, touching me?” Jess tells Harry. “You want people carrying me? Do you want me to look at you and say, ‘I know you’re going to be disappointed in my behavior.’ Do you want me to say that?”

What Has Harry Jowsey Done Before?

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How things will play out between Harry Jowsey and Jessica Vestal remains to be seen, but he has been called out by previous partners for his treatment of them. He previously dated and even became engaged to his Too Hot to Handle co-star Francesca Farago. The couple ended their relationship in the summer of 2019, but Farago has had a few things to say about Jowsey and their breakup.

“We were getting back together,” she said on the Domenick Nati Show (via E! News) in 2021. “We were getting to know each other slowly. And then, he was just being extremely disrespectful to me online.” She also claimed he “was saying things that I would love to hear … and then his actions didn’t match.”


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Jowsey has also dated reality star Georgia Hassarati and accused her of cheating on one of her previous partners with him when he appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast. She slammed Jowsey’s claims on TikTok, saying, “I let him do what he did and break up with me with a pathetic handwritten letter that he left on his bed … I didn’t look back. Now, he’s so angry that I wasn’t trying to get back with him or trying to kiss his a**, so he has to publicly degrade me further, like it wasn’t enough during our relationship.”