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Fans Gagged After Yung Miami & JT Are Featured As Solo Artists On Upcoming Song From Camila Cabello

After more than six months of slowly prepping their fans, the City Girls are truly no more. This month, Yung Miami and JT will feature on the same Camila Cabello song as just that: Yung Miami and JT.

This appears to be the first time the ladies will be rapping on the same track as solo artists. As mentioned, the former duo has been making it known from the booth and in interviews that the City Girls era is a wrap.

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Still, fans on social media are gagging at the warnings come to life. We must note, though, that it’s unclear whether JT and Miami hopped on the track after or before their official split.

More About The Solo Features On Camila Cabello’s Song

Although the title for the Camila song is out there, the song isn’t just yet. The Cuban singer will be releasing the song, ‘Dade County Dreaming,’ on June 28 as part of her LP ‘C, XOXO.’

Camila and the former City Girls are all Miami gworlz. Rolling Stone reports that Cabello highlights the 305 throughout the project’s 14 tracks.

Drake also appears on the LP twice, with features on ‘Hot Uptown’ and ‘Uuugly.’ Lil Nas X and Playboi Carti also make appearances with ‘He Knows’ and ‘I Luv It,’ respectively.

With Camila’s tracklist release, fans are finally grasping that our ‘Act Up’ and ‘Jobs’ days are up out of here! On X (formerly Twitter), hearts are broken, and memes are rolling.

Yung Miami Previously Explained Why She & JT Split

These two Florida gworlz arguably took over at the end of the 2010s and early 2020s with anthems for the ladies all about their bread!

Even while Jatavia was in federal custody for identity theft from June 2018 until March 2020, the City Girls didn’t stop booming. In fact, with solo performances, appearances, and popping planned drops, the dup became a household name and nightclub favorite.

Last October, Jatavia issued her first subtle warning about going solo. Speaking to Interview Magazine, she shared the name of her forthcoming debut album ‘City Cinderella.’

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She’s also been intentional about separating HER fanbase as a solo act from the City Girls fans, naming her audience the ‘Juvies.’ This year, from March to May, JT toured several U.S. cities, promoting her three singles, including ‘Okay’ and ‘Sideways,’ and building support amid the Juvies.


Yung Miami also hasn’t lagged in appealing to an independent audience through multiple avenues — not just the booth! She went from hating when fans called her Caresha to marketing her birth name into a brand.

She’s stacked her solo resume more than a lil’ bit. Miami landed an acting role in STARZ’s ‘Power’ Universe, hosted an award-nominated podcast, ‘Caresha Please,’ and has sold thousands of her adult card game, ‘Resha Roulette.’ Her most recent song ‘CFWU (Mama You Pretty With No Makeup’ arrived in April.

A few weeks before May 13, Miami told Complex that she and JT were just in “two different spaces.” She explained that this became extremely evident after they released their last City Girls album, ‘RAW,’ in 2023.

Living in separate cities and chasing different passions also contributed to the duo’s eventual fracture. Outside of making music together, though, Miami made it clear that they remain friends — despite their lil’ verbal tussle on X in April.

“I think it’s sisterhood. That’s my friend, of course, but that’s more like family to me,” Miami explained. “I’ve been knowing JT my whole damn life…”

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