Earn Passive income in cryptocurrency BTC Mining with DigitMiner

As more people enter the cryptocurrency space, BTC mining becomes more complex and requires more computing power. Consequently, many individuals who used to mine Bitcoin on their own machines no longer find it practicable due to the expensive cost of electricity and wear and tear on the gear. BTC mining through cloud mining has emerged as a popular alternative.

What is BTC Mining?

BTC mining is the process of validating transactions and adding them to the Bitcoin blockchain. Cloud mining is a method of BTC mining that removes the need to set up and maintain the required hardware and software. It utilizes rented cloud computing resources, allowing more people to mine BTC remotely at a low cost. This approach eliminates issues such as equipment maintenance and direct energy costs, making cloud mining a convenient option for passive income seekers.

Leading the Charge in BTC Mining

DigitMiner, a licensed cloud mining business established in the United States in 2019, owns industrial facilities equipped with expert BTC mining equipment. These mining farms are located in Kazakhstan, Iceland, Mongolia, and Myanmar. Currently, over 2.6 million users worldwide utilize DigitMiner for BTC mining and earning cryptocurrencies.

How to Start BTC Mining?

Eager to start BTC mining? Follow these fundamental steps to get started:

Step 1: Choose a BTC Mining Provider

DigitMiner is a reputable and trusted BTC mining platform, enabling users to earn passive income through BTC mining. The platform offers a free BTC mining tool that allows users to earn money without actually mining Bitcoin themselves. DigitMiner removes barriers to BTC mining, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situation or technical expertise. You can start with a $10 worth of BTC, trade it, and keep any profit you make, which you can withdraw to your own wallet.

Advantages of DigitMiner:

  • Sign up now and get a $10 bonus.
  • Daily payouts and high profitability.
  • No additional service or management fees.
  • The platform supports the development of more than six cryptocurrencies.
  • Lifetime rewards of up to 5% commission through the affiliate program.
  • Security protection provided by Cloudflare®.
  • 24/7 premium technical support and 100% uptime guarantee.

Step 2: Sign Up for a BTC Mining Account

Visit the provider’s website and register. To sign up for DigitMiner, simply create an account with your email address. The registration process is straightforward. Users can start BTC mining immediately after creating an account.

Step 3: Buy BTC Mining Contracts

DigitMiner offers various BTC mining contract options, including packages priced at $100, $500, and $6,400, each with different ROI and contract durations.

BTC Mining Contract Options:

Contract PriceContract TermsFixed ReturnDaily Rate
$10 (Free)1 Day$10+$0.88.0%
$1003 Days$100+$3.91.3%
$5007 Days$500+$561.6%
$1,20015 Days$1,200+$3241.8%
$3,00030 Days$3,000+$1,7101.9%
$6,40060 Days$6,400+$7,6802.0%

BTC Mining Affiliate Program

DigitMiner’s affiliate program compensates you for referring people to the website. Even if you choose not to invest, you can still earn money. Referrers can receive up to a 5% referral incentive for each purchase made by their referrals. This reward is added to your account balance once the purchase is confirmed. With countless referrals, your earning potential is virtually limitless.


Cloud mining offers a great way to increase passive income through BTC mining. Opportunities like these help grow your Bitcoin wealth with minimal effort and time investment. DigitMiner makes it easier than ever to realize your full potential in passive income generation through BTC mining.

To learn more about DigitMiner and start BTC mining, visit their official website at

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