Danielle 'Cash Me Outside' Bregoli's Maturity Level Was Slammed After Her Ridiculous Tour Rider Leaked


  • Immature demands by Danielle Bregoli on first music tour revealed her childish mindset as a viral sensation turning artist.
  • Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie made outrageous requests in her tour rider, showcasing her teenage thinking in the music industry.
  • Despite setbacks, Danielle Bregoli’s music career skyrocketed post-viral fame, landing her multi-million dollar deals.

Danielle Bregoli showed her immaturity early on in her music career by demanding the most childish things during her tour. Bregoli’s tour rider revealed she was still thinking like a teenager when she went on her first tour. Bregoli aka ‘Bhad Bhabie’ signed on with Live Nation to take her barely-there music career to the next level and perform live on stage.

At the time, Bregoli had released her hit song, “These Heaux”, which broke records, getting onto the Billboard Hot 100 after she became a viral sensation after she appeared on Dr. Phil. She later accused the media personality of asking her to act a certain way that would make for ‘good TV.’ But that didn’t stop her from making a wide range of demands that included a 50-inch TV to promoters. This article will take a look at Danielle Bregoli’s tour-rider needs and how her music career has developed since that time.

Danielle Bregoli’s Outrageous Tour Rider Demands Revealed

Danielle Bregoli was not yet an established musician when she made demands from promoters for her nationwide tour that would cost them more than $3,000. The “Gucci Flip Flops” singer, who was 14 at the time, demanded a pay of $750 per day and $3,000 to cover her personal security costs. Backstage, Bregoli demanded a 50” inch television with access to Netflix. She also wanted a DVD player so she could watch her favorite movies, including Paris Hilton’s House of Wax. Hilton admitted the weirdest part of the film was watching herself die.

Danielle Bregoli
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Bregoli was clearly concerned about how she would pass time while waiting to get on stage. The teen also requested 3 fidget spinners to play with. To keep her signature style, Bregoli also demanded 5 Gildan or Fruit of the Loom white tank tops and insisted they didn’t get any Hanes brand. She also asked for 4 large Domino’s pizzas and 1 fruit platter with 0 pineapples.


The Moment Fans Started Noticing Bhad Bhabie’s Changing Face

Since turning 18 and starting an Only Fans account, fans are noticing changes to Bhad Bhabie’s face compared to her Dr.Phil ‘catch me outside’ days.

Bregoli’s deal with Live Nation was set to go through only if she sold out her first two shows. The singer stood to earn $50k per show. Her live show was divided into a 3-part act that would see her lip sync and rap to her favorite hits. Other established acts would also make appearances on the tour and finally a live Q&A with the audience.

There would also be a section to invite fans onto the stage to interact with Bregoli. Considering Bhad Bhabie became famous for disrespecting her mother on Dr.Phil, this last segment would see her roast audience members.

Danielle Bregoli’s Music Career Has Skyrocketed Since She Went Viral

Unfortunately, Bregoli’s demands didn’t see the light of day because her tour was postponed. According to her manager, Adam Kluger the tour which was set for Houston and Fort Lauderdale was pushed back because of the overwhelming response from fans.

Danielle Bregoli
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Kluger also said Bregoli has received several new opportunities, so it would be safer to pull the shows to focus on her new projects. One of those projects might have been opening an OnlyFans account since Bregoli made $1 million within the first six hours of joining the platform after turning 18. She has since made close to $50 million from her page but admitted that those who subscribed immediately after she turned 18 should be in jail.

“We decided to look at larger venues and reschedule the events to better suit her growing audience as well as some significant professional developments.”

Later that year, Bregoli signed a multi-million dollar deal with Atlantic Records, joining superstars like Paramore, Ed Sheeran, Cardi B and Wiz Khalifa. This came after her first single, “These Heaux” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at No.77.


Bhad Bhabie Says Someone Was Murdered At Dr. Phil’s Beloved Rehabilitation Ranch

The ranch where Dr. Phil sends troubled teens is under fire from kids like Danielle Bregoli, who claim it was incredibly abusive and unsafe.

According to TMZ, she received $1 million for the deal with $350,000 upfront and two $325,000 installments that would be paid once she hit certain targets. Bregoli is now worth $25 million, which she made from her music career and other business ventures. In a 2017 interview with HipHopDX, Bregoli said she wasn’t looking for fame, it just found her after she appeared on Dr. Phil. Danielle’s second single, “Hi Bich”, released in September 2017, peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. The following year, she received a gold RIAA certificate for the single.

Danielle Bregoli’s Rising Music Career Didn’t Stop Her Bad Behavior

Bregoli has had feuds and altercations with other celebrities, including falling out with stars like Billie Eilish throughout her music career. After signing with Atlantic, Bregoli was faced with a wave of negative criticism from fans online, who thought there were better upcoming musicians who deserved the opportunity. One said it was unethical that Danielle was getting rewarded for her bad behavior. Actor Seth Rogen implied the record label and Bregoli were idiots for making the deal.

Danielle Bregoli
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Bhad Bhabie responded to the Green Hornet actor with, “I know someone believed in this fast stoner when he was yung.” The “Who Run It” singer announced her three-month rap tour to start in April 2018, dubbed ‘Bhanned in the USA’ that would include 32 performances from New York, Hollywood to Australia and New Zealand.

Her tour title was probably inspired by her altercation on Spirit Airlines that got her banned. Her debut show featuring an act by Asian doll in California was successful and attended by more than a million people.

A successful tour and Billboard Music Award nomination for Best Female Rap Artist didn’t stop Bregoli from getting into trouble. In November 2018, she got into an altercation with Iggy Azalea when she threw a drink at her and tried to assault her at Cardi B’s Fashion Nova party.

Danielle said she confronted Iggy over a comment she made on Instagram asking who would even go to a Bhad Bhabie show. Bregoli responded by saying Azalea should attend so she could remember what a sold-out show looks like, but her beef with the “Team” rapper didn’t end there. 15-year-old Danielle confronted Iggy in 2015 to address the issue.

Outside the event she was still heated up, saying, “Ain’t nobody worried about a f***n hoe.” After the incident, Iggy said she hoped Bregoli didn’t throw an alcoholic drink at her because she was still a kid and added her age was the only thing that saved her from a beating. Iggy later addressed the altercation on social media and said,

“I get that this little girl has made a name for herself acting a damn fool on television and online. But I’m a grown up. I’m not about to waste my energy on that s–t or be fighting a kid in a club.”