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Dale Earnhardt Jr. claims Kyle Busch is “never going to hit the panic button” over poor RCR run

Kyle Busch ended his one and half decade stay at Joe Gibbs Racing in 2023 to join Richard Childress Racing to drive the iconic No:8 Chevy. He started his speel at RCR on a high note by winning three races early in the season, before unfortunately experiencing a massive drop in form. Since then, the team has been struggling to be race win contenders.

NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr. while talking about the poor form the veteran driver is in pointed out that Kyle Busch isn’t going to hit the panic button over the poor form. He reckons Kyle Busch has won enough in the NASCAR Cup series to move on from huge disappointments and not to hit panic mode.

No, you don’t panic. You’ve accomplished and everything that he’s experienced in this series., he’s a champion and multi time champion and won all the races that anybody could want to win. So he’s never going to hit the panic button. Whatever happens, happens.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. said via Dale Jr. Download.

Junior pointed out that Busch will work hard to get himself into the playoff and if the plans fails, that would definitely frustrate him. But that doesn’t mean unhappy Busch will hit the panic button according to the two times Xfinity Series champion.

He’ll work to try to get himself into the playoffs and if that doesn’t happen … I mean he won’t be happy about it, but I don’t think you ever gonna see Kyle Busch panic or hit the panic button. But I can see him getting frustrated.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. added.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. claims Kyle Busch knew the risks of joining RCR

While talking about how Kyle Busch will handle another disappointing year with RCR, Junior pointed out that the veteran, who is wiser now, knows about the risks there was before joining RCR. He asserts Busch knew there were possibility of having bad season at RCR.

Kyle Busch (Via IMAGO)Kyle Busch (Via IMAGO)
Kyle Busch (Via IMAGO)
I think Kyle’s older and wiser and will handle this much better than the Kyle Busch from 10-15 years ago … I think we all knew when he went to RCR that this wasn’t what we expected out of Kyle Busch … but we knew there was a potential for these types of these types of seasons.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. said.

There is still enough time left in the regular season for RCR and Kyle Busch to understand the issues with their cars and eventually find the right solution for it. It would be interesting see if Busch and crew will make a comeback in 2024.

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