CSNF organises Cancer Survivors Walk in Accra

 Hundreds of cancer survi­vors, together with their fam­ilies, took part in the first-ever Cancer Survivors Walk, in Accra, over the weekend

The event, organised by the Cancer Support Network Founda­tion (CSNF), formed part of activ­ities marking the National Cancer Survivors Month, aimed at raising awareness about the possibility of surviving cancer, in Ghana.

Starting from the Accra Girls Senior High School (SHS), the procession moved through the principal streets of Accra, and back to the SHS.

Representatives of the Breast Society Organisation, Maudlokko Foundation, health professionals, media practitioners and cancer ad­vocates also took part in the event.

The participants wielded plac­ards showing messages, including “celebrating cancer survivors”, “cancer is not a death sentence”, “I survived cancer”, “celebrating hope and resilience”, and “early detec­tion saves lives”.

In an interview with the Ghana­ian Times after the walk, President of CSNF, Mr Akwasi Osei, urged cancer survivors to publicly share their stories, to dispel myths and misconceptions about the disease.

He highlighted the critical need to combat the stigma associated with cancer, which often hindered effective treatment and support for patients.

“Survivors coming forward to share their journeys can change perceptions and provide much-needed hope to those currently battling the disease,” Mr Osei stated.

He also cautioned against the use of unapproved treatments, and called for greater support for cancer patients, particularly those facing economic challenges.

Mr Osei praised the efforts of the founder of CSNF, Dr Juliet Appiah Quansah, for her unwaver­ing dedication to the foundation’s goals.

“Dr Quansah’s commitment has been instrumental in our ability to support many economically disadvantaged cancer patients and educate the public on cancer pre­vention,” Dr Osei noted.

Oganiser of the CSNF, and a cancer survivor, Ramatu Sumani, expressed gratitude to all who participated in the walk.

“This walk is a testament to the fact that cancer can be beaten. Our survival stories serves as a power­ful example of hope and resilience for many,” she said.

Ms Sumani revealed that the Cancer Survivors Walk was just one of several activities planned for June as part of the Cancer Survivors Month Celebration.

Upcoming events she said in­clude, educational talks at selected Senior High Schools, free cancer screening, and a Cancer Survivors Gala set to take place on June 29, at the Airport View Hotel, in Accra.

Ms Sumani said through these ef­forts, the CSNF aimed at fostering a more informed and supportive community, ultimately enhancing the fight against cancer in Ghana.

The CSNF donated a total amount of GH¢16,100.00 to some cancer patients, who participated the walk, to support their treat­ment.