Charleston White Mocks Rapper Enchanting’s Death… “She Was A F*CK TOY”

Charleston White went on a disrespectful social media rant about rapper Enchanting, who passed away last week.

Enchanting was formerly signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records at 26.

“This young lady is from my city, I’m very familiar with her rap success and it wasn’t a success! I mentioned her situation years ago, she was a F*CK TOY with talent who hardly put out music but posted a lot of social media pics!” he wrote.

Charleston claims that Enchanting was a drug addict and that her death was drug-related even though a cause of death has not been determined.

“If someone die doing what they like to do (getting high) then why sohuld anyone be sad for that person? She died a dopefiend just like the rest of them in the music industry! I told y’all they was just f-cking on her and wasn’t putting no music out!” he added.

Charleston posted several more posts taking aim at Gucci and continuing to call Enchanting a drug addict.

Did he go too far again?

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