Charleston White Goes Off On Rick Ross’ Baby Mama Tia Kemp…”She’s A DISGRACE!!”

Charleston White weighed in on Rick Ross’ baby mama Tia Kemp roasting him on social media.

Tia recently dragged Rozay after he hopped online to celebrate the end of his child support payments to her.

Charleston White says Tia needs to look closer to home for somebody to blame.

“The things that you say about your children’s father or your children’s mother, you picked them,” he said, “You laid down with that person. So as you talk about your children’s mother or father, you’re actually talking about your children because you have the same chromosomes.”

He went on to add that Tia is a “horrible Black mother, her public words towards her sons father, affect the child! This is one of the main reasons I chose not to have a child with a Black woman! She’s emasculating her male son by publicly shaming the father of her son! She’s a disgrace as a Black mother.”

Watch the clip above.

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