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“Can’t be counting the pockets of others!” ‘Humble’ DeVonta Smith not bothered by record-breaking WR contracts

DeVonta Smith is highly regarded as one of the most skilled and reliable receivers in the NFL. His ability to run routes with precision and create separation is admired by not only his Philadelphia Eagles team, but also across the league. That admiration turned into a contract extension that made him a highly paid receiver. However, in light of recent record-breaking contracts, his deal doesn’t quite measure up. Nevertheless, Smith is not bothered by these numbers.

While at the Eagles practice facility, reporters asked the soon to be 4th year receiver about the recent monster contracts for receivers that have reset the market. His response to that was:

You can’t be counting the pockets of others. I’m where I want to be. At the end of the day, it’s still life-changing for me.

DeVonta Smith said

A humble response from a receiver, who knows had AJ Brown not been his teammate, he would have been the alpha dog receiver of his team. DeVonta Smith knows that having two top-of-the-line receivers in the same team means they have to compromise somewhere. AJ Brown gets paid an average of $32 million yearly, a sharp increase over the $25 million per year Smith receives.

Both of them are similar in age, suggesting they will be around for quite some time. However, Smith knows there are greater goals in life, such as winning a Super Bowl. Therefore, he is grateful for what his annual earnings contribute to his bank account.

DeVonta Smith enjoying Kellen Moore’s offense

In that same interview, a reporter asked the wideout how he and his teammates on offense are adjusting to new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore‘s offense. He replied:

I think it's gonna be great. Get a new style of offense around. Let guys be able to do things that we weren't allowed to do. Move guys around, things like that. Overall, it's always a fresh start. Allowing guys to create one on one matchups, win how they want to win.

DeVonta Smith said

DeVonta Smith is happy that he and his teammates are now allowed to go one-on-one on their own. This will help unlock their own unique abilities on the field.

Philadelphia Eagles wideout DeVonta Smith is happy in Kellen Moore's offensePhiladelphia Eagles wideout DeVonta Smith is happy in Kellen Moore's offense
Philadelphia Eagles wideout DeVonta Smith is happy in Kellen Moore’s offense (image via Imago)

By saying this, it seems Smith indirectly mentioned what was wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles offense last season. Time and again many people pointed out that the Eagles weren’t flying around like they used to. That is despite having essentially the same offensive weapons. It now seems Kellen Moore is helping the elite receivers like Smith and AJ Brown use their creativity.

The Philadelphia Eagles should have a much-improved offense in the coming season, which will be crucial as their goal is to win the Super Bowl. DeVonta Smith would much rather achieve that than break contract records and limit his team’s ability to field a championship-caliber squad.

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