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‘Brutally honest’ Dana White gives reality check about how badly Kim Kardashian was booed at Tom Brady’s roast

The biggest reason behind Tom Brady’s Greatest Roast of All Time remained a hot topic for a long wasn’t because of the funny banter aimed at the legend, but the zillion incidents that sparked several controversies all over the internet. 

One of the most highlighted moments was when reality TV star Kim Kardashian received intense booing from the audience as he stepped on the stage for her roast set. Though the booing incident was removed from Netflix later on, the internet caught it in no time and made it viral. 

It’s been more than a month since the Sunday Roast, but it has remained the talk of the town. UFC president Dana White, who was sitting among the audience at the roast event, gave his take on why Kardashian received such negative treatment from the audience, during his recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast. 

Kim Kardashian and I don't know what's true and what's not true, but what is true, they booed the sh*t out of her. You have to understand, I mean, when you looked around the crowd, everyone was wearing football jerseys. It's not proud. It's just not a Kardashian crowd.

Dana White told Shannon Sharpe

While revealing the reason behind the negative reaction from fans, White also appreciated the SKIMS owner for powering through it, as he claimed it “takes a lot of b*lls” to be able to do that after what she got. 

Dana White credits Bill Burr for roast segment success

Talking about Brady’s famous roast, White also shared how he made his 60-second segment a blast, revealing he asked his friend and comedian Bill Burr for pointers on last-minute jokes and presenting a killer opening line. 

He [Bill Burr] pauses for like 2 seconds and said, ‘What? My name is Dana? Is this not TRANS enough for you liberal f**ks?’ And I go, ‘Ohh Shi*! I’m opening with that one.'

UFC president Dana White added

Dana White at Tom Brady's Netflix Roast
Dana White at Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast (Via Reddit)

That’s exactly what he did and it sure left an impression. It was after other comedians warned him that it may lead to some backlash after the Netflix roast.

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