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Bruno Famin claims he’ll hopefully like to see Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon driving an Alpine at Le Mans amidst the latter’s brutal F1 sacking

The Alpine F1 team has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons this year. Esteban Ocon will leave the team at the end of the ongoing campaign and while the departure announcement was downright brutal, Alpine boss, Bruno Famin has surprisingly kept the door open for Ocon and Pierre Gasly regarding a future Le Mans drive.

The whole Alpine F1 debacle kicked into sixth gear when Esteban Ocon crashed his A524 against Pierre Gasly‘s challenger at the Monaco GP. Since then, the atmosphere within the team has been quite tense, but with the passage of time, things have improved.

As a consequence of this, both Ocon and Gasly are present in the Alpine garage at Le Mans and Famin has even admitted that he’d like to see them driving for the French team in the 24-hour race.

Pierre and Esteban are interested. One day we may see them [in Le Mans], hopefully in an Alpine.

Bruno Famin Via Motorsport

Ocon and Gasly share a tainted past and this is one of the reasons why the duo has never really been on the same page. Despite their best attempts since 2023 at showcasing that everything is good between them, the F1 community is well aware of the animosity between them. Considering this and their 2024 tussles, a Le Mans line-up with them could be a difficult project to handle.

F1 podcast host claims Esteban Ocon has ‘fired shots’ at Alpine

While Famin is hopeful of seeing the chaotic Ocon and Galsy pairing at Le Mans, renowned F1 Nation Podcats host, Tom Clarkson has claimed that Esteban has recently fired shots at Alpine via his post-Canadian GP rant!

Esteban Ocon via IMAGOEsteban Ocon via IMAGO
Esteban Ocon (Via: Imago)
Engineer: Esteban, the cars are not swapping places. Push to the end, please. 
Ocon: Yeah, amazing. Thank you, amazing. Thank you. 
Engineer: OK, radio is still on. 
Ocon: OK, mate. Yeah, yeah, you’re good. OK. Yeah, OK. No comments. Too nice. Too nice. OK, mate.

Esteban Ocon over team radio at the Canadian GP

Looking at this and Ocon’s post-race comments, Clarkson had the following to add.

He thinks he has been too nice? Shots have been fired! It was a very difficult weekend for Esteban. Two difficult weekends - the crash with Pierre in Monaco, the harsh conversations he had with the team.

Tom Clarkson via Crash

The ongoing campaign is only nine rounds down and there are still are total of 15 Grand Prix events remaining on the calendar. Keeping in view all the chaos that has ensued at Alpine since the start of the 2024 season, the upcoming months could also see Alpine being presented in a negative light again, courtesy of their extremely competitive drivers.

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