Boosie Badazz Says Thieves Stole His Insulin!!

Boosie Badazz hopped on social media to go off on thieves who broke into his sprinter van and stole his insulin.

Boosie shared a video of the van covered in broken glass. Boosie has had diabetes since he was 19 years old.

“A bum-a-s n-gga broke into my sprinter, you ain’t got sh-t,” he said directly to the camera. “One thing you got was my insulin.”

Boosie asked his fans in Texas to hit him up if they had any insulin he could use.

“I got a show in Odessa, Texas tonight. So if anybody in Odessa, Texas got insulin—Humalog, Lantus—I need it because they took all my insulin.”

In February, the rapper revealed that he took too much insulin .

“I had to fly my boy up here with that. I got my little girls with me, so I be tripping sometimes. And then when he finally got to me at like 12:30 at night last night, it was high, so I had to take a big dosage. And I must have took too much last night [because] it dropped on me this morning. It was scary this morning. I took too much insulin last night. My body tired now. When I have a sugar attack, all my energy be gone. Sh-t take everything out of me.”

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