Blum hits 20 million users, adds over 10 million users in just 11 days

Blum, the latest crypto airdrop project trending in Nigeria announced that it just surpassed 20 million users up from over 10 million users it had just 11 days ago.

This means that the Web 3 project added a staggering 10 million users in a matter of days.

The massive adoption of Web 3 projects launched on social media platforms like Telegram is fast becoming a pattern highlighting the importance of social media integration in driving Web 3 adoption.

The Blum Team announced this Milestone on their X page thanking its users for the achievement while encouraging them to keep engaging the project to help it live up to its maximum potential.

“20 MILLION @blumcrypto USERS!

We hit 10M+ on May 31st, and now on June 11th, we’ve zoomed past 20M+!

You all are absolute legends!

Thanks for making this happen! Let’s keep the hype rolling and see how far Blum can soar!” The Blum Team tweeted.

In a previous Nairametrics article, we highlighted the basics of the Blum crypto project and how to engage in its airdrop campaign. In addition to that, we will be hinting at the team behind this project and what they hope to achieve.

Blum founders 

Gleb Kostarev, a former Binance vice president, is Blum’s co-founder and CEO. Kostarev resigned from Binance the giant Crypto exchange in September last year as the exchange planned its exit from Russian markets. He acted as Binance’s head of Asia and oversaw more than 60 markets including APAC, Eastern Europe, and Turkey since 2018.

Vladimir Smerkis, the ex-general manager for Binance Russia and CIS, is also a Blum official. Smerkis left Binance the same week as Kostarev and now serves as Blum’s chief marketing officer and co-founder.

Vladimir Maslyakov, CTO of Thekey. space, is also a part of the project according to CEO Kostarev.

The Blum project was founded by these ex-Binance executives who left Binance to start their own ventures. The founders envisioned a crypto trading app that merges Centralized exchange and Decentralized exchange facilities for a new trading experience. The app launched to over 50,000 signups in its first 48 hours.

Nigerians participating in Blum Airdrop 

Blum Airdrop is the latest Web 3 project in the Nigerian crypto space at the moment with millions of Nigerians sharing their Blum invite links on X to gain referrals.

Top posts on Nigerian X space inviting Blum participants to share their referral link garner an average of 14,000 to 15,000 replies a reflection on the serious engagement the Web 3 project is getting by Nigerians.

You need a minimum amount of 10 referrals to qualify for airdrop.

What to know 

  • Blum has over 8 million subscribers on its telegram making it the 4th biggest Telegram channel in the World.
  • Blum is also a proposed beneficiary of an important accelerator program launched by Binance. This is not surprising since its founders are ex-Binance executives.

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