Base Dawgz Presale Exceeds Expectations as It Begins to Rev Up For New Milestone

Base Dawgz, a new and highly popular multi-chain meme coin, recently saw its presale jump and speed up as the project burst through a milestone set up by the developers only to head up to the next one immediately. 

Base Dawgz developers set a goal for their community by asking whether the presale could hit $600,000 by the end of the weekend. They were surprised to find that the presale had exploded, nearly hitting $700k instead.

By Monday morning, even this milestone was hit with ease, and at the time of writing, the presale had officially raised over $738.7k, just short of three-quarters of a million. The project’s native token, DAWGZ, is selling for $0.00479 apiece, and it can be bought with SOL, USDT, USDC, ETH, and BNB. 

Why is Base Dawgz Blowing Up?

Base Dawgz emerged only days ago, but it immediately became a highly popular meme coin project. Not only because it is a dog-based meme coin, but also because it is a multi-chain project, similar to Dogeverse which has also been a major hit in the prior months.

Base Dawgz was developed on the Base blockchain, as the name suggests. However, once it goes live, it will run simultaneously on ETH, SOL, BSC, and AVAX, in addition to its home chain.

The project says that it is not about pushing boundaries, but breaking them, and delivering seamless interoperability across multiple chains, thus connecting the crypto industry and making it closer than ever before.


Base Dawgz: Benefits and Tokenomics

Due to its multichain nature, crypto users will be able to easily transfer money between chains and fully benefit from the decentralized world without the old barriers to hold them back.

On top of that, Base Dawgz will also enable staking, and while the feature is not yet available on its website, 20% of its supply will be used for staking rewards, which confirms that staking is in the works.

Speaking of the tokenomics, the project is only selling 20% of its total supply in the presale. As mentioned, 20% will be used for staking and another 20% for liquidity. Then, 15% will be used in marketing, and another amount of 15% will be used for DAWGZ rewards. The final 10% will be used to ensure that the token is listed on the best, most popular platforms, thus making it even more accessible.


However, thanks to its multi-chain design and the fact that it will run on some of the busiest blockchains in the industry, availability should not be an issue since DAWGZ will be available on numerous DEXes.

Because of all of this, a crypto expert who runs the YouTube channel Jacob Crypto Bury, with over 40k subscribers, believes that this project has 100x potential, so joining it early could be extremely beneficial.