Bad Bunny's 10 Most Popular Songs, Ranked (According To Spotify)

Bad Bunny is without a doubt a trailblazer in the music industry, having been named the “King of Latin Trap”. The Puerto Rican rapper is one of the most successful Latin music superstars and has come a long way to get to where he is today.



Throughout his career, Bad Bunny has earned three Grammy Awards, four Latin Grammy Awards, eight Billboard Music Awards, and thirteen Lo Nuestro Awards. He was crowned Artist of the Year by Apple Music in 2022.

Along with these impressive accolades comes another accomplishment: Bad Bunny is the first non-English language act to be Spotify’s most-streamed artist of the year, and has led the list since 2020. It’s clear that when it comes to Spotify presence, Bad Bunny wears the crown— having garnered billions of streams from avid listeners.

We ranked Bad Bunny’s most popular songs on Spotify, based solely on the number of streams he has received.



Bad Bunny Didn’t Know What To Charge For Studio Time In His Early Days

Bad Bunny’s career began exploding when he was still very inexperienced in the industry.

Updated May 2024: The list of the most popular songs from Bad Bunny is constantly being updated. At the time of publication, the most recent standings and number of streams are notated. While the list order has varied slightly, the songs on the list remain unchanged. The number of streams of all songs, however, increased.

10 “DÁKITI” By Bad Bunny And Jhayco

Total Spotify Streams: 1.965 Billion


Bad Bunny, Jhayco


El Último Tour Del Mundo


October 30, 2020

Atop Bad Bunny’s most streamed songs on Spotify, as of November 13, 2023, is his 2020 reggaeton hit “Dákiti” alongside rapper Jhayco. While being the most listened to song by the Puerto Rican rapper on Spotify, “Dákiti” has also charted impressively. Released as the lead single from Bad Bunny’s third studio album, El Último Tour Del Mundo, “Dákiti” debuted in the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100, and number one on the Hot Latin Songs chart, becoming the first song in history to do so.

“Dákiti” has a pulsating, tropical essence to it, seeing the speaker in the song attempt to woo a love interest with their luxurious lifestyle. It peaked at number five on the Hot 100, and simultaneously topped both the Billboard Global 200 and Global Excl. U.S., the first Spanish-language song to do so.

9 “Me Porto Bonito” By Bad Bunny And Chencho Corleone

Total Spotify Streams: 1.795 Billion


Bad Bunny, Chencho Corleone


Un Verano Sin Ti


June 20, 2022

“Me Porto Bonito” ranks as the second-most Bad Bunny song streamed by Spotify listeners, and features Puerto Rican singer Chencho Corleone. Bunny opened up about the backstory of the sensual reggaeton track, saying he recorded the song right after attending the Met Gala in New York. Bad Bunny also confessed Corleone’s feature on the song was something he was banking on for its release. The song, which translates to “I’ll behave beautifully”, captures the speaker’s vow to behave well to the woman they are smitten with, in order to secure the lady’s love.

“Bonito” was ranked by Billboard as one of 36 Non-English-Language Songs to reach the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 6 on the chart.

Per Billboard, “Me Porto Bonito was ranked the second best collaboration song from Un Verano Sin Ti as it “transitions from its modern-day perreo to an old-school party de marquesina beat which attracts fans as their most favorite track thanks to its ultra-hyped lyrics about being beautiful and confident”. The lyrics “”Tú no ere’ bebecita, tú ere’ bebesota” of the song also trended as a sound on TikTok.

8 “LA CANCIÓN” By J Balvin And Bad Bunny

Total Spotify Streams: 1.688 Billion


J Balvin, Bad Bunny




June 28, 2019

“La Canción” was released as the second single from J Balvin And Bad Bunny’s 2019 collaborative album, Oasis. “La Canción” is one of the most popular songs from Oasis, which debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart. Along with many of the album’s other songs, “La Canción” managed to chart on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, debuting at number 10 and going on to eventually top the chart.

The video, directed by Colin Tilley, begins with a ghost looking for his girlfriend, who is alive and dancing with another man while Bad Bunny and J Balvin perform “La Canción.” The ghost interrupts their dance and pulls her to dance with him and remember the good times.

“La Canción” is the second single from Oasis to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, entering the chart at number 98 and later peaking at number 84.

7 “I Like It” By Cardi B Feat. Bad Bunny And J Balvin

Total Spotify Streams: 1.617 Billion


Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin


Invasion of Privacy


May 25, 2018


MTV Video Music Award for Song of Summer (2018)

The summer of 2018 was defined by the song “I Like It” , the fourth single from Cardi B‘s debut studio album, Invasion of Privacy, which featured Bad Bunny and J Balvin. The smash hit single topped the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Cardi B’s second number one—the first time a female rapper achieved this in the chart’s history. and the first for both Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

The latin trap song paid homage to the original 1967 Pete Rodriguez hit “I Like It Like That”, and banks on the convergence between the song’s original boogaloo roots with hip-hop and reggaeton. “I Like It” was nominated for Record of the Year at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards and Rolling Stone ranked it number 11 on their “The Best Summer Songs of All Time” list.

“I Like It” was also certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America in 2021 for selling more than 10 million units, becoming the second song from the album to receive this certification, following “Bodak Yellow”, thus extending Cardi B’s record as the female rapper with the most Diamond-certified songs, as her third, and earning her a Guinness World Record for a tie for the most among female artists.

6 “Tití Me Preguntó”

Total Spotify Streams: 1.502 Billion


Bad Bunny


Un Verano Sin Ti


June 1, 2022

With “Tití Me Preguntó”, it makes sense as to why Bad Bunny wasn’t ready to settle down with Kendall Jenner. The song details a hypothetical conversation with his aunt “Tití”, exposing the Grammy-winning global superstar’s trouble with falling in love. Soaked in Bunny’s signature latin-trap style, the hit single also fuses with dembow and bachata elements that have listeners getting out of their seats to dance. The popular Bad Bunny song became a worldwide hit, with Time Magazine even naming it the 2022 song of the year.

Bad Bunny recently joined the Billion Streams Club on Spotify with the hit song, and he’s now the leading artist in Spotify history with 12 songs that have exceeded one billion streams each. “Tití Me Preguntó” charted at number 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 dated May 21, 2022, becoming the second-highest charting track from Un Verano Sin Ti behind “Moscow Mule”, which peaked at number 4.

Additionally, it peaked at number 1 on the US Hot Latin Songs chart, as well as peaking at number 4 on the Billboard Global 200.

5 “Callaíta”

Total Spotify Streams: 1.439 Billion


Bad Bunny, Tainy


Un Verano Sin Ti


May, 31, 2019

“Callaita” was produced by reggaeton producer Tainy, who has multiple credits on Bad Bunny’s 2018 album X 100PRE. It was released in 2019 ahead of summer and, with the song containing the swashing of crashing waves and distant cries of seagulls— the song was tailor-made for the season.

Per Rolling Stone, Bad Bunny said the “callaita” is a woman who is shy and retiring until she has loosened up after a few drinks. The song’s chorus translates as: “Where there’s sun, there’s the beach/Where there’s a beach, there’s alcohol. Where there’s alcohol, there’s sex/When with you, it’s the best.”.

In 2022, the music video for “Callaíta” surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube. The song debuted at No. 8 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart dated June 15, becoming Tainy’s first Top 10 and Bunny’s 14th Top 10 title.

4 “Ojitos Lindos” By Bad Bunny And Bomba Estére

Total Spotify Streams: 1.408 Billion


Bad Bunny, Bomba Estéreo


Un Verano Sin Ti


February 14, 2023

Released as the ninth and final single of Bad Bunny’s fifth studio album Un Verano Sin Ti, “Ojitos Lindos” is a rather heartfelt tune. The lyrics describe a girlfriend who longs to see her boyfriend again and thinks of his scent. She asks him to look into her eyes, but, and with that, she is fine as she is reborn. The boyfriend replies by saying that he hasn’t texted someone “Good Morning, I Love You” in a long time. Bunny’s deep, slurred verses combined with Liliana Saumet’s high-pitched vocals deliver lofty reggaeton, cumbia-tinged masterpiece.

In the heart-wrenching music video for “Ojitos Lindos”, Bad Bunny’s status as a loverboy comes to a halt when— after dropping off one of his many dates— he gets into a car crash thinking of the one and only woman he truly loves. He wakes up in a hospital bed, where none of his lady friends visit him, only an adorable beagle, who makes him happy in the end. The song peaked at No. 7 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart and was nominated for record of the year at the 2022 Latin Grammys.

3 “Yonaguni”

Total Spotify Streams: 1.393 Billion


Bad Bunny




June 4, 2021

With “Yonaguni”, Bad Bunny managed to expand his global reach as an artist, joining a list of Latin music stars inspired by Japan. The sultry Spanish-Japanese track lyrically sees Bunny referencing Yonaguni, an island nestled in the Yaeyama district of Japan, as the place he will travel to to reunite with a love interest by any means necessary. The track features reggaeton beats, vocal melodies, and a Japanese-language outro. The popular Bad Bunny song topped the Billboard‘s Hot Latin Songs chart and reached number 3 on the Billboard Global 200.

In the United States, it debuted at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, the highest Latin-music debut of 2021, becoming his fourth top 10 entry and first with no accompanying acts.

2 “No Me Conoce – Remix” By Jhayco, J Balvin And Bad Bunny

Total Spotify Streams: 1.358 Billion


Jhayco, J Balvin And Bad Bunny




May 17, 2019

Originally released by Puerto Rican rapper Jhayco (Jhay Cortez) as the third single from his second studio album Famouz on February 22, 2019, “No Me Conoce” was later re-released in May 2019 as “No Me Conoce- Remix” featuring J Balvin and Bad Bunny. Cortez’s lyrics remained the same on the remix, but with J Balvin and Bad Bunny on board, it took the song to a new level with Bunny adding his own style and J Balvin bringing a softer tone.

The Bad Bunny song hit the top 10 on the Hot Latin Songs Chart, later entering into the top five on the same list.

1 “MIA” Feat. Drake

Total Spotify Streams: 1.312 Billion


Bad Bunny, Drake


X 100pre


October 11, 2018

A unique pairing between Bad Bunny and Canadian rapper Drake birthed “MIA”, a reggaeton success with a major achievement under its belt: the first full Spanish-language song to go to No. 1 on Apple Music’s Top Songs Chart in the United States. The music video for the song features both singers at a block party. Back in 2018, The clip earned more than 12 million views on YouTube on its first day — a personal 24-hour record for Bad Bunny — landing the song at No. 2 on YouTube’s U.S. Trending Videos chart.

The song was the first song on which Drake sang entirely in Spanish. “Mia” peaked at number five on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Bunny’s first top 10 single on the chart as a lead artist and Drake’s 26th.