Bachelor Star Joey Graziadei And Fiance Left Homeless After Their Finances Deteriorate


  • Joey Graziadei’s credit score plummeted after appearing on The Bachelor, causing financial stress.
  • He and fiancée Kelsey Anderson are living with friends, struggling to get their finances back on track.
  • The financial burden of appearing on the show may have contributed to their current financial difficulties.

The Bachelor franchise isn’t known for paying their stars well, and once the money from paid collaborations runs dry, it can be tough going for ex-reality stars. Bachelor alum Joey Graziadei is apparently learning the hard way, as a new report claims he’s bouncing between friends’ homes with his girlfriend as they face financial hardships.

The star of the 28th season of The Bachelorconfessed on Monday that his credit score significantly dropped while he was filming the show. Currently, he is staying with his fiancé, Kelsey Anderson, and her friends as they work on getting their finances back on track.


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Joey’s Fiance Has No Job And His Credit Score Dropped

Discussing the issue on Jason Tartick’s “Trading Secrets” podcast, he explained, “[My credit score] was at 730 and I went on the show and I had a payment from a credit card that I didn’t answer for two and a half months.”

He expressed his shock at the impact, saying, “I dropped, like, 80 points. Like, what the f–k?”

Joey further lamented, “I went on a TV show and I come back and my credit score bombed.” He added, “I was like, ‘I can’t even get into an apartment building. Jesus Christ.’”

Joey literally returned to reality after filming only to face the harsh truth of his deteriorated financial situation. This stress was compounded by his decision to support his fiancée financially after she left her job to rearrange her life.

Anderson, 26, acknowledged this on the podcast, stating, “Joey’s my security blanket.”


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Joey and Kelsey are currently living with her two friends in a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home she had rented prior to finding love on The Bachelor. “He was just living with his sister, so I was like, ‘You can move in with me,'” Anderson shared with Tartick of how Joey ended up moving in with her so quickly.

“I have a very big room, and my roommates were all in.” She added that her friends were excited about the arrangement, saying, “They’re like, ‘We can’t wait to get to know Joey,’ and it’s kinda like a ‘New Girl’ situation.”

Their current residence is in Anderson’s hometown of New Orleans, but the couple plans to move to New York later this year. Anderson also mentioned that she intends to return to her career in project management.

Starring On ‘The Bachelor’ Can Be Expensive

The Bachelor franchise, which began in 2002, quickly grew into a massive cultural phenomenon. Since its debut, it has produced 28 seasons of the original show and numerous spin-offs, including The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and The Bachelor Winter Games.

Stars of the franchise often do not receive a salary for their participation in the show. For instance, contestants typically do not get paid, though leads of the show, like the Bachelor or Bachelorette, can reportedly earn between $100,000 to $250,000 for their season.

However, being on the show can come with significant personal expenses. Contestants are responsible for their own wardrobes, which can be quite costly. According to some reports, women may spend between $1,800 to $8,000 on clothing, with one contestant noting she spent $40,000 to prepare for the show. Needless to say, Joey and Kelsey may have sank a lot of money into appearing on the show, but they’re yet to recoup their losses.