Who is Jess Curtis? Sheri Easterling, Addison Rae’s Mother, Remarries Following Monty Lopez Drama

Addison Rae’s mother, Sheri Easterling, has tied the knot once again, marking a significant new chapter in her life following a highly publicized fallout with her ex-husband, Monty Lopez. The announcement of her remarriage came through an Instagram post on Mother’s Day, May 12, showcasing her intimate wedding ceremony that took place a week earlier.

The Wedding Celebration

In the celebratory photos shared on Instagram, Sheri Easterling can be seen joyfully holding up her bouquet while walking down the aisle with her new husband, Jess Curtis. The couple exuded happiness, exchanging rings and grinning from ear to ear during the ceremony. The intimate nature of the event was evident, capturing a moment of triumph and new beginnings for Easterling.

Who is Jess Curtis?

Initially, Easterling kept the identity of her new husband under wraps, but later revealed his name in a Facebook post as Jess Curtis. Curtis is a native of Many, Louisiana, and an alumnus of Northwestern State University. His passion for football has been a significant part of his life, leading him to become the head coach at Many High School in 2010. Under his leadership, the team secured three state championships and three runner-up titles over nine seasons. Currently, Curtis serves as the head football coach at Southside High School. Fans can catch glimpses of his life and family on his public Twitter/X page, where he recently celebrated Mother’s Day with his grandchildren.

The Monty Lopez Drama

Sheri Easterling’s remarriage comes nearly two years after a tumultuous period with her ex-husband Monty Lopez, who faced accusations of infidelity in June 2022. The scandal erupted when videos surfaced showing Lopez allegedly flirting with younger women. The situation escalated further when Renee Ash revealed that she had been in a relationship with Lopez under the impression that he and Easterling were separated, sharing their affair in a series of posts on Instagram.

Following these revelations, Lopez found himself embroiled in disputes with several high-profile influencers and even engaged in a feud with rapper Yung Gravy. The rapper took Easterling to the VMAs, where they shared a kiss on the red carpet, much to Lopez’s dismay. In retaliation, Lopez released a diss track aimed at Yung Gravy and challenged him to a boxing match, although the challenge did not materialize into an actual fight.

Moving Forward

Since the height of the drama, things have quieted down considerably. Easterling’s remarriage to Jess Curtis signifies a fresh start and a move towards a more peaceful chapter in her life. While Monty Lopez has yet to publicly respond to his ex-wife’s remarriage, fans are curious to see if he will address this latest development.

As Sheri Easterling embarks on this new journey with Jess Curtis, it is clear that she is looking forward to building a happy future, leaving behind the tumultuous past with Monty Lopez. The couple’s joyful wedding photos are a testament to their shared happiness and the promise of new beginnings.

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