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WATCH: Traditional healers will be represented in parliament under the MK party, says Zuma

Former president Jacob Zuma’s says his party will ensure equal representation in parliament though NEC members will not attend.

Former president Jacob Zuma said the MK party would ensure that the voice of traditional healers is represented in parliament should his newly-found party be voted into power.

MK party to balance the scales

Zuma was speaking at a prayer meeting in Durban on the weekend. He highlighted the need for the representation of religious leaders, traditional leaders, and people with disabilities in parliament.

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Zuma said traditional healers were not afforded the respect they deserve in modern South Africa.

“Our traditional healers, the way we treat them I have never seen such a thing. They sell their traditional concoctions sitting on the pavement while some people sell from stores, there has to be someone who can speak for traditional healers,” he said.

Zuma said the MK party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) members would not go to parliament. Instead, these members would focus on ensuring that the party is strong and delivers on its mandate.

“We will give them the work of focusing on this party and ensuring that the party is strong,” he said.

Zuma indicated that those who would be afforded the opportunity to go to parliament would go with a particular reason. But he said this policy would be looked at in depth at a later stage.

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Unity in the MK

Zuma called on party members to stop focusing on positions but on the work of building the party.

This also comes after tensions which became glaring in the public between one of the co-founders of the party, Jabulani Khumalo, and Zuma.

Khumalo has been expelled form the MK party for allegedly being rogue and bringing the party into disrepute. He in turn demanded that Zuma be removed as the face of the MK party claiming he was the legitimate leader of the party.

Zuma painted a scenario of two people fighting in a boat on a river while on a journey. He said the boat would sink should they lose sight of their goal.

“Let’s stop scratching each other without good reason lest we fall into the river,” he said.

Watch Jacob Zuma’s speech: