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TV star left with 'basketball' lump that 'blows in the wind' after surgery gone wrong

Latoya joined Botched Bariatrics to finally tackle a huge lump that hangs so low it “blows in the wind”. She’s now been left with a “basketball” following surgery that went drastically wrong.

TLC launched the series premiere of Botched Bariatrics, where Latoya is introduced, a woman with a 10lb mass between her legs. When she puts her clothes on, she can fold up the lump half-way up her leg.

WARNING: Content of a disturbing nature ahead

Latoya on Botched Bariatrics

Latoya, who lives with her mother, Melvina, has “always been chubby”. She explains that, regardless of her weight, she got her real estate license in her twenties and was always outgoing.

When she turned 31, Latoya discovered she was pregnant. She had a C-section, which is when things began to go downhill health-wise, as doctors found nine hernias and partly dead bowels.

In surgery for nine hours, the reality TV star’s first instinct was to ask where her baby is when she woke up. Her child was okay, and she was on the road to recovery, but the swelling was “not going away”.

‘Basketball’ lump ‘blows in wind’

Latoya has been left with a huge lump she describes as a “basketball” that “blows in the wind”. Although she was told the swelling would go down, she was misdiagnosed with water retention for over 10 years.

Her swelling has never subsided. In 2018, Latoya woke up and “it was just there,” and she had to continue doing her daily tasks. She prayed the lump would go away as she was scared of the hospital.

When she eventually saw a doctor, he said it “was not normal” and diagnosed her with lymphedema, caused by damage to the lymph nodes. In her case, it was “likely the result of a botched hernia repair”.

Latoya faces opposite way as she wears black underwear on Botched Bariatrics, where lymphedema hangs down middle of legs.
Credit: Botched Bariatrics/TLC/Twitter

Where Latoya is now

Latoya wants to spend time with her kids again and that means the 10-lb mass between her legs needed to go. Doctors ended up removing the 10-pound bulk between her legs, which vastly improved her life.

She regained her mobility following her appointment with Botched Bariatrics physicians Yasir Khan and Neilendu Kundu, was able to resume her family life and has hopes to start a romance.


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