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TV star denies romance rumors with friend's ex but fans 'like them together'

Tristan Phipps and Olivia Bentley split last year and since then he’s kissed Yasmin Sweegers. Now, his co-stars are suggesting there’s a romantic spark between Tristan and Ruby Adler. Given how Tristan and Ruby’s ex, Reza Amiri-Garroussi, are “bros,” a romance could be pretty problematic.

However, it’s true Made In Chelsea style for the cast members to turn a blind eye to who’s dated who. Tristan and Ruby are being “shipped” by fans of the E4 show. But, he’s adamant they’d never be anything more than “friends.”

Made In Chelsea: Ruby and Tristan

As James Taylor tells Reza it’s time for him to “put all his eggs in one basket,” and give things a proper go with either Ruby or Tina Stinnes, some of his other cast mates are more focused on what Ruby’s doing.

A sneak peek of what’s to come from season 27 sees the MIC cast suggest there’s a “vibe” between singletons Tristan and Ruby.

Reza appears to be struggling with moving on as Tina says: “When you date someone you don’t want them to be in love with someone else.”

‘Not in a million years’

While it seems sparks are flying between Freddy Knatchbull and Jazz Saunders in season 27, Tristan is quick to shut down romance rumors about him and Ruby.

The rumors are aired out at a group dinner where the two are called “inappropriate.”

But, Ruby also denies there’s anything going on, telling her co-stars: “Don’t chat sh**.”

Tristan says: “Not in a million f***ing years would there be anything other than friendship between Ruby and I.”

Although Ruby and Tristan shut the idea down, fans of the show appear to be here for a romance between the two.

Some took to Instagram to say they “like” the idea of them “together.”

But, more are “Team Ruby and Reza” and are dying for the former couple to rekindle their years-long relationship.

Others seem to think the whole “love triangle” between Ruby, Reza, and Tina “isn’t real.” While some echo the same thoughts when it comes to Tristan and Ruby’s rumors.


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