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TV star aces 'role' of 'looking hot and intimidating contestants', say fans

I Kissed a Girl is making history as the first lesbian dating show this Spring. As if the series couldn’t get more iconic, it’s hosted by the legendary Danii Minogue. Kicking off on May 14, I Kissed a Girl brings a whole new cast of singletons for fans to meet as well as Sara, the Masseria housekeeper.

While BBC viewers are likely busy getting to know Amy, Cara, Priya, Em, and co, many are distracted by housekeeper Sara. The I Kissed a Girl contestants are dating, third-wheeling, getting butterflies, as well as pangs of jealousy. All the while, fans are convinced Sara’s acing her “role in the villa.”

Meet I Kissed a Girl’s Sara

Sara is the Masseria (the show’s farmhouse) housekeeper on I Kissed a Girl.

She hails form Italy and instantly turns heads when she first meets the ladies.

Although she’s not “joining the party” for the contestants’ summer of love, she plays a key part in the series.

Sara is dubbed a “ten out of ten” by the cast. And despite seeming as cool as a cucumber, she says she experienced major “social anxiety” during filming.

The reality TV star’s talents don’t stop at housekeeping. Sara is also a writer and psychology student.

Sara has 660k TikTok followers. She can also be found on Instagram at @sara_fregosi with 274k followers.

Sara is acing her ‘role’

Although the 10 singletons can flirt to their heart’s content with each other, it turns out Sara offers another opportunity for some ‘flanter’ each time she arrives at the Masseria.

The cast reveal they’re “like school girls” when Sara arrives, with one asking her: “Are you well? Because you’re looking well.”

The housekeeper often has the contestants brimming with excitement, Lisha reveals: “I was very excited to see Sara. However, I was a bit nervous too, because I know she’s got news.”

While Danni Minogue is playing the role of cupid, Sara’s “role in the villa is look hot and intimidate the girls” tweets one fan via X (Twitter).

More are keen to compliment the BBC show star on her style and take to her Instagram comments to ask what her nail color is.


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