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‘That amazing smirk’: Nomzamo Mbatha on starring alongside Bruce Willis in ‘Assassin’

Nomzamo Mbatha portrays the lead role of Alexa alongside Bruce Willis in the Showmax sci-fi thriller ‘Assassin’.

Nomzamo Mbatha is set to mesmerise audiences in her latest role alongside Hollywood icon Bruce Willis.

The internationally renowned actress stars in a sci-fi thriller, Assassin, set to premiere on Showmax this Monday, 13 May.

She portrays the lead role of Alexa, a woman driven by grief and determination as she seeks answers surrounding the death of her lover.

Nomzamo Mbatha steps into thriller and sci-fi genres

Nomzamo recently opened up about her experiences working on Assassin and the significance of her involvement in such a groundbreaking project.

“I loved the idea of delving into the thriller and sci-fi genres because I haven’t had the chance to explore them before.

“When I got the opportunity to sit down with the director after completing all the auditions, we realised that with sci-fi, thriller, and action, there’s a lot of emotion and heart involved,” she said.

She added that the role allowed her to delve into complex emotions and portray a woman unafraid to confront danger head-on in her quest for truth and justice.

“For me, it was the idea of grief, but not grieving for someone who has left the earth, but rather for someone who still has a chance to come back to me.

“But there’s also the complexity of hope – the hope that he will get better, that he will come back to me, that I will find the answers and hold the people who have put him in this state accountable.”

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Working alongside Bruce Willis

The actress said working with Bruce Willis in his last role was both a privilege and a learning experience for her.

She spoke fondly of Willis’s humility and generosity on set, emphasizing the importance of treating everyone with respect regardless of status.

“I enjoyed working with him so much. He still has that amazing smirk – the Bruce Willis smirk.

“The biggest lesson I’ve learnt from him is the beauty of humility. The fact that you can be the biggest star in the world but still greet everyone on set, just taking a moment to make people feel seen.”

Nomzamo said she remains committed to portraying powerful female characters and drawing inspiration from the women who have shaped her own narrative, both on and off-screen.

“I’d say it’s a mixture of people I’ve grown up watching, who I felt have really been a fantastic mirror of what we can be portrayed in cinema and television.

“I look at those who were able to transform their careers from one narrative to another, like Oprah Winfrey, and how they find different avenues to transform their brand and tap into various opportunities as businesswomen, creatives, and voices of reason in the industry,” she added.

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