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Put A Ring On It! Social Media Reacts After Queen Naija & Clarence Give Relationship Advice To An Unmarried Couple (WATCH)

Queen Naija and her long-time partner, Clarence White, recently caught shade after giving relationship advice.

The pair was criticized after sharing their thoughts about a woman who wasn’t married after being in a relationship for ten years.

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Queen Naija & Clarence’s Relationship Advice

The couple posted a YouTube video on their joint channel, ‘Queen and Clarence,’ answering questions from their viewers. One fan’s message read, “My boyfriend of 10 years not asking to marry me. We’ve been living together for four years.”

“After 10 years. 10 years…” the 28-year-old said.

“10 years is crazy,” Clarence said as he laughed before adding, “They be talking about me…10 years?”

“After 10 years, and y’all been together for 4 years, so y’all do got experience of living together…” Queen noted.

“What you got to say about this?” she asked Clarence. “I wanna hear your take on it first.”

“You should probably have a conversation with him and see if he has that in his head or is he planning to do it or not. I don’t know, maybe there’s something stopping him with that,” the Bronx native stated.

“Yeah, maybe yall should figure out… go to therapy to figure out what exactly is stopping him. If you been doing everything you can do I just honestly feel like a man knows,” Queen said.

Would Queen Leave After 10 Years With No Ring?

“What would you do in that predicament?” White asked.

With eye contact and without hesitation, Queen stated, “I would leave.”

“After 10 years?” he asked.

“I would definitely leave,” the singer doubled down.

“Maybe you need to break up with your boyfriend to find your husband,” Queen advised the woman.

Social Media Reacts To Queen & Clarence’s Discussion

Social media criticized the couple for their advice because they haven’t tied the knot. They began dating in 2018.

@urdaddii wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “this whole Queen & Clarence s*** is crazy. She done built this n**** from the ground up! Literally took him out of his mommas basement & changed his whole lifestyle and he acting like he don’t wanna marry her is bs. Queen can rlly dip & make another HIT breakup song !”

“All I can say about this Queen Naija and Clarence situation is that Queen needs to wake up fr,” @miramsyllah stated.

There were some people who felt the couple should live their life how they choose.

@allat_ attitude said, “My opinion: Queen and Clarence should continue to do what makes them happy if marriage is in God’s plan it will happen as long as he treats her well loves her children what’s the rush?  May God continue to guide them until they’re ready.”

Check out the pair’s discussion below:

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