Portable Releases New Track Following Bail From Detention



Controversial Nigerian street artist, Portable has released a new track narrating what transpired before he was arrested by the authorities.

Recall that the singer was arrested over his failure to complete payment of 27 million naira G-Wagon he purchased some months back.

A footage of him surfaced all over social media, trying to resist arrest, even jumping a gate in split seconds before being bungled into the Police car.

Some hours after, he was granted bail and he notified his social media fans of his freedom.

However, he has released a new song titled Spiderman, even used a background voice of the scene of his arrest.

According to the singer, the secret to living long is to owe debt while emphasizing his reason for running as a personality when faced with danger.

The lyrics say in part, “Call me Spiderman, I saw danger, I jumped the fence. They say I owe money; if you want to live long, owe them debt, let them owe you. It’s a rich man who owes a car debt.”

The song which he uploaded on his Instagram page has garnered attention, raising concern if his arrest was just a public stunt or authentic.

See below;