My Father Gave Me 2 British Degrees – Korra Obidi’s Sister, Nancy Umeh Slams Justin Dean (Video)


Korra Obidi’s sister, Nancy Umeh has tackled the dancer’s ex-husband, Justin Dean.


This comes after Justin Dean had accused Korra Obidi of scamming her fans by raising more money than needed through a GoFundMe account.


He claimed that Korra received $55,000, despite only needing $5,000 to cover legal fees for their ongoing court case.


Recall that Korra had taken to social media to beg her followers for money to fight her husband legally over his decision to stop her from using her children for content online.


Tackling Dean, Nancy Umeh boasted about her father’s accomplishments, stating that he provided her with two British degrees and made significant sacrifices for their family.


Watch below: