Moment Mohbad’s Father Broke Down in Tears After Hearing Pathologist’s Report


Mohbad’s father, Mr Joseph Aloba has been seen shedding tears on Tiktok live.


It was alleged that the tears came after he heard the pathologist’s report on his son’s death.


After waiting for the verdict on the autopsy for over seven months, the pathologist finally spoke on the matter.


However, the results were unfavorable as he revealed they couldn’t ascertain the cause of the death because the body was already decomposed before the autopsy began.


During the announcement, Mohbad’s father was there and he stepped out of the hall because he could not bear to see how they carried out the procedure.


Here are some reactions to the video


iam_armakah said: “This man!! Lol ???????? So going live to cry online is better than crying in court abi you need gifts on Tiklok?? Erh papa mohbad ????????”


i_amcaro stated: “All of you dragging this man, it sha never be well with all of you…may everything that happens to his son happen to your brothers and son IJN…….e no better for una.”


jane_boughhie added: “Disregard the crocodile tears Baba Mohbad shed. If you watch how they perform the autopsy… you would beg them to just bury the deceased like that.. It’s not a pretty thing to watch or allow any love one pass through…”


bab.eglow____ reacted: “Wait!!!! na una love this man pass him pikin?????? As a matter of fact this man has been the only family attending coroner. the wife y’all are supporting hasn’t been attending, not even Mohbad’s mother so make una rest”


tailorkeerah commented: “Couldn’t witness courtCase but could tw!st him neck inside the c@ffin barely 12hrs after dEath. All of Us go sha meet God one day. #naYoubeThatnaGodbeThat oo”


Watch the video below