Kids Perish In Fire

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In a heart-wrenching incident, a devastating fire swept through a home in Akyem Oda, Eastern Region, claiming the lives of two young brothers, six-year-old Clement Agyei and four-year-old Desmond Agyei.

The mother and a third sibling of the young victims sustained serious injuries as the inferno engulfed their three-bedroom house, resulting in the destruction of property worth thousands of Ghana Cedis.

The tragic fire, which occurred late in the evening on May 12, 2024, trapped the family in a locked room, leaving them helpless against the blaze, as narrated by the deceased children’s aunt, Portia Effah.

Efforts to rescue the family were valiantly undertaken by young residents in the neighbourhood, who managed to save the mother and one sibling from the flames. Unfortunately, despite their brave attempts, Clement and Desmond could not be rescued.

The grieving family, now homeless and in mourning, appealed for assistance during this challenging time of loss and devastation.

Auntie Portia Effah earnestly appealed for support, stating, “We beg for support. Times are hard. We have lost our building, our children, and all our belongings. A little support would be appreciated.”

An eyewitness suggested that an electrical fault may have triggered the tragic fire, noting that the house had recently been connected to electricity. Despite the swift response of local residents, the Ghana National Fire Service arrived too late to prevent the heartbreaking loss of lives.

The eyewitness recounted the chaotic scene, stating, “There was pandemonium, after the woman and a child were saved, she returned shouting two more kids were in the inferno. None could enter to rescue them unfortunately. The Fire Service personnel came later to quench the fire and bring out the bodies.”

The community of Akyem Oda mourns the loss of the young lives and rallies around the bereaved family in solidarity, offering support and solace in the wake of this tragedy.

By Vincent Kubi