Kaduna: Kachia LGA hails appointment of Dabo as agric commissioner, backs Uba Sani 


The Districts Heads of Kachia Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna state have reiterated their support for Governor Uba Sani while commending him over the appointment of their kinsman, Alhaji Murtala Dabo, as the Commissioner of Agriculture and Rural development.

In a separate letter to the governor, the Kachia Community Development Association (KCDA) also commended the governor over the choice of Dabo as a Commissioner, stressing their trust in.his ability to deliver his mandate satisfactorily.

The district heads in their appreciation letter signed by Alhaji (Dr) Sabiu I. Suleiman (District Head of Kachia), Mr Jacob Dogo (District Head of Sabon Sarki) Mr Joshua Takar (District Head of Gidan Tawai) and Mr. Moses Agwai (District Head of Bishini) said, the people of their various districts, particularly the farmers, are extremely happy with the current leadership in Kaduna State, particularly the Ministry of Agriculture under the responsive

leadership of Alhaji Murtala Dabo, a very honest, humble and accommodative person.

“We, as the district heads, the village heads, and the entire traditional institution in Kachia, are very happy and proud of our son. He’s making us proud. Thank you, Your Excellency, for giving him the opportunity to serve the state in this capacity,” the letter said.

In the letter of the KCDA to the governor signed by Alhaji Bala Shittu and Alhaji Aminu Inuwa, Chairman and Secretary respectively of the association also debunked any allegation of bias and favouritism against the Commissioner, the recent distribution of assorted farm inputs by the Kaduna State Government in Kachia LGA of Kaduna state describing it as false, baseless and malicious.

“Firstly, we wish to unequivocally state that, Hon. Commissioner Dabo’s commitment to the welfare of the people of Kachia in particular and the state in general is unwavering and beyond reproach. Any insinuation otherwise is not only unfounded but also malicious in its intent. 

“It is important to state that we as a responsible Kachia community stakeholders, knows Murtala M. Dabo as a person of impeccable character and a strong advocate of justice, equity and fairness. To the best of our knowledge, the Commissioner has been diligently carrying out his responsibilities in Kachia Local Government Area in particular and the state in general, including the referred distribution of farm inputs.

“The recent accusations of favoritism and political victimization are nothing short of a malign campaign orchestrated by frustrated individuals and groups across the state who were used to shortchanging the targeted beneficiaries of such interventions. It is disappointing, the unfortunate politicization of crucial matters such as the distribution of farm inputs, which are meant to uplift the agricultural sector for sustainable development.

“The assertions made in the open letter of bias in this process is baseless; the distribution of farm inputs was conducted with utmost transparency and adherence to established guidelines, which eliminates ghosts and ensure deserving beneficiaries get it. These are evidence based and can be verified,” the letter said.

The association also averred that the notion that Commissioner Dabo’s actions are driven by political rivalry is both weak-minded and insulting, adding that as a responsible public servant, his (Dabo) allegiance lies with the people he serves under the able leadership of the Governor of Kaduna State.

“It is obvious that the writer and his cohorts are bereft of ideas on how to assassinate the character of the commissioner because what happened during the 2022 primary elections and the subsequent general elections of 2023 were known to all. To state that the Hon. Commissioner worked against the candidature of His Excellency is just laughable, as the outcome of the election certainly repudiated their false claims.

“We therefore, urged His Excellency and the general public to disregard these

baseless, divisive and malicious insinuations. It is disappointing to see such divisive rhetorics being employed, especially at a time when unity and collaboration are needed more than ever. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to engage in constructive dialogue and work together for the betterment of our community and our state.

“We as advocates of justice and fairness, would welcome dispassionate inquiry or investigation into the matter. We are confident that a thorough examination will vindicate the Commissioner and reaffirm the integrity of His Excellency Senator Uba Sani’s administration anchored towards promoting socio-economic development of the state,” the letter said.

The association reiterated their call for the total disregard of the worthless diatribe against Commissioner Dabo’s unwavering commitment to promoting fairness, equity, and justice in all endeavors, being the only pathway to sustainable peace and development for which the governor stands.