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[GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING] Pretoria North dog recovering well after lacerations to neck due to chain

A dog is recovering well after it was found seriously injured by a chain around its neck in Pretoria North recently.

Wollies Animal Shelter picked up Angel, the dog found by a Maximum Security patrol vehicle with deep wounds around its neck in Willem Cruyvagen Street as the chain had cut into its flesh.

Angelique Stemmet said that she immediately called for help around 07:00 on Monday, May 13.

“When [Maximum Security] phoned me, I rushed through after dropping my son off at school early,” Stemmet told Rekord.

She said that she estimated that Angel was about two years old, and had not been spayed.

“When I arrived, she was scared. She looked like she was very relieved.

She began wagging her tail as if to say she knew help had finally arrived, I must go with these people.”

Stemmet picked the dog up, loaded it in the car and called ahead to Pyramid Veterinary Clinic to help.

“I cried on my way to the vet. I was in a state, and I promised her we would get her through this. And I stuck to my promise.

It was a very ugly sight, it was very deep.”

It appeared the chain had been around Angel’s neck for months.

After the vet had removed the hair around the wound, it was cleaned with antibiotic soap.

WARNING |The vet shaving the hair away. Image: Wollies Animal Shelter

“The vet said that it wasn’t possible to put stitches in, it (wound).” The wound was too deep.

“So she has to heal by herself. It will take long for her to get better.”

Angel’s wounds were too serious to release her immediately, and she would be staying at the vet under the care of Dr Chris Janisch while she recovers.

Once healed, she would be released to her new life, which Stemmet was excited that her future was secured.

WARNING | Angel had deep cuts caused by the chain around her neck. Image: Wollies Animal Shelter

“She already has a home!”

Stemmet said that Angel’s story had reached far, and a family from Fourways had already decided to adopt her.

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