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PICS: ‘Afrika and I love you’ – Bontle Modiselle pens a heartwarming message to her husband

Bontle Modiselle Priddy Ugly

Bontle and Priddy Ugly have been together for many years.

World-renowned choreographer, Bontle Modiselle, recently penned a heartwarming message dedicated to her husband, Priddy Ugly, as he celebrated his birthday.

Bontle and Priddy Ugly have been together for almost a decade-and-a-half, and they have a beautiful daughter named Afrika.

Wishing Priddy Ugly a happy birthday, Bontle expressed pride in his personal growth and also commended his resilience.

“I’ve been privy to your rebirth and growth, particularly in recent times. I’m proud of the work you do, the man you continue to evolve into, the fight you put up, the lessons you’ve learnt, the dreams you dare to dream, the truth you maintain in who you are and what you believe in, and the commitment to show up as best as you can,” she wrote.

Wrapping up her lengthy message, Bontle wished Priddy Ugly God’s blessings and guidance as he embarks on the next chapter of his life.

“Keep your eyes locked on God; with him is every answer to all your questions. Continue to lead with kindness and love, no matter who finds you a fool to do so. Pray. Pray!

“Afrika and I love you, Daddy… and may God flex with you, loudly so, in this next chapter of your life.”

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‘Just stream my latest album’ – Priddy Ugly

Celebrating his birthday, Priddy Ugly urged fans to stream his latest album titled Dust.

The music star released Dust earlier this year, featuring music stars like Maglera Doe Boy, Thato Saul, and others on the album.

“Don’t let life kill your spirit; don’t let people harden your love. Keep on trying to do and be better, keep trying and [trying] again. Keep praying, keep creating.

“Allow yourself to grow, allow your light to glow. Dala what you must. I don’t need anything from anyone; please just stream my latest album Dust today,” Priddy Ugly wrote.

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