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‘Ensure your service provider dumps legally’

The authorities have urged residents to demand proof that their waste removal or garden service provider dumps legally.

This after yet another fire began on Tuesday evening, a day after it was safely extinguished, at an illegal dumpsite on Panorama Road in The Reeds.

Residents who live near the site told Rekord that the dumpsite was still burning on Wednesday morning.

On Easter Sunday, a large plume of smoke could be seen emanating from the site.

Tshwane Emergency Services (EMS) spokesperson Charles Mabaso said locals reported plumes of smoke at the site on Sunday afternoon.

He said the smoke turned out to be a fire, and EMS extinguished it on Monday.

According to MMC of Corporate and Shared Services, Kingsley Wakelin, the illegal occupation and dumping have been taking place at the site for many years but especially during the Covid-19 period.

Wakelin told Rekord the waste piled up so high that the fire went deep into the mound and smouldered.

“No one pays for the fire department to come and put out a fire on their property, but there should be provision for us to recoup costs when a property owner has been negligent.

“This is what we are currently investigating as part of forcing owners to take accountability for their property.”

Ward 64 councillor Alta de Kock told Rekord that on Monday, firefighters used a backhoe tractor to dig deep into the source of the smouldering waste to put out the fire.

“They are spraying so that it can reach the bottom to try and put out this fire,” she said in a video message on Monday afternoon.

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Smoke can be seen in the air on Wednesday morning. Image provided

She said the firefighters worked until 18:30 before they could leave the site.

De Kock explained that the illegal dumping at the site was an ongoing struggle.

“I saw the same truck three times today dumping garden refuse which comes from a nearby area,” she previously told Rekord.

De Kock said when a service provider accessed a legal dumpsite, they were given an invoice and residents should always demand to see this proof that their provider was legitimate.

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