Christina Applegate Opens Up About Intense MS Relapse: “My Legs Were Just Done”

Christina Applegate opens up about intense leg pain during her MS relapse, revealing challenges with walking and showering on “MeSsy” podcast.

Christina Applegate, known for her roles in “Dead to Me” and “Bad Moms,” recently shared candid insights into her ongoing battle with multiple sclerosis (MS) on the “MeSsy” podcast hosted by herself and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

During a heartfelt conversation recorded “months ago,” the 52-year-old actress delved into the challenges she faced during a particularly severe MS relapse. She described the excruciating leg pain she endured, revealing that her legs felt drained of energy and circulation, rendering her unable to walk or even stand comfortably.

Christina Applegate recounted the distressing experience of navigating daily tasks, such as walking to the bathroom, while grappling with intense tingling sensations from her lower body. The simple act of showering became an insurmountable obstacle, prompting her to resort to alternative hygiene solutions.

With her characteristic humor, Christina Applegate joked about enlisting her teenage daughter’s help in checking her armpits for cleanliness, highlighting the extent of her physical limitations and the impact on her daily life.

The actress also shared her struggles with sleep disturbances and vision problems, including unsettling shifts in her eyesight that disrupted her ability to rest peacefully. Despite reaching out to her doctor for guidance, Christina Applegate expressed frustration at the lack of immediate assistance.

While a representative for Applegate clarified that the podcast episode was recorded before she passed the relapse phase, the timeline regarding her use of a cane at the 2024 Emmys remains uncertain. Throughout her journey with MS, Christina Applegate has been transparent about the profound impact of the disease on her life, describing it as the “worst thing” she has ever faced.

With 30 lesions on her brain, including a significant one behind her right eye, Applegate confronts daily challenges, from neurological symptoms to mobility issues. Despite the hardships, she maintains a resilient spirit, sharing her experiences to raise awareness and support others navigating similar health struggles.

As Applegate continues to navigate life with MS, her courage and honesty serve as a source of inspiration, reminding us of the importance of resilience and community in facing adversity.

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