Abia PDP Downplays Defections To APC, Welcomes New Members

In a press release, PDP Vice Chairman, Abraham Amah stated the party is “not concerned” about the defectors. He suggests they were responsible for the party’s struggles in the 2023 elections and recognized their diminished role within the PDP.

“The attention of the Abia PDP was drawn to the news of the defection of a very few members of the PDP in Abia State to the APC and the party is glad that this has happened.

“The Abia PDP truly appreciates the exit of these people because, after the 2023 general elections, the party did a post-mortem on itself and came to the inevitable conclusion that the party needs to reinvent itself for the future.

That is exactly what has happened and the Abia PDP truly appreciates their exit after they recognized that they were no longer useful to the party in whatsoever form.

“While we wish them well in their future endeavors, we also tell our members, numerous sympathizers, and well-wishers, that the Abia PDP has been receiving many applications from highly placed and well-meaning Abians who are desirous of joining the party.

“What should be a source of concern to Abians is why these people are leaving the PDP and rather than join the ruling party in Abia which is the Labour Party LP, they are joining the APC, the ruling party at the center. That alone speaks about the character of the people who defected.”

The PDP raises a curious point. While acknowledging the Labour Party as the current ruling party in Abia, they express confusion about why defectors chose the APC at the national level. This statement implies the PDP questions the motives of those who left.

According to initial reports, prominent figures like Prof. Anthony Agbazuere (former Chief of Staff), Barrister Eze Chikamnayo (former Commissioner for Information and Culture), and Honourable Uzo Azubuike (former House of Representatives member) are among those who defected.