Rihanna Silences Album Queries: Star Snubs Fans’ Demands on Instagram Live

Rihanna, after her electrifying performance in India recently, has now silenced the questions regarding her new album. The singer was in India to perform at one of the pre-wedding events of Mukesh Ambani’s son, Anant Ambani, and his fiancée, Radhika Merchant.

Read on to learn more about Rihanna shutting down questions about her new album on Instagram Live.

Rihanna and her recent visit to India

Singer Rihanna captivated Indian fans when she recently arrived in India to perform at an event hosted by one of India’s top business tycoons, Mukesh Ambani. Rihanna delivered an electrifying performance at the pre-wedding event of Anant Ambani and his fiancée, Radhika Merchant.

While Indian fans were elated to see Rihanna in their country, videos from the event have been going viral on social media. Moreover, some of her fans have been speculating that the singer is soon to release her new album. However, Rihanna has already responded to these speculations.

Rihanna shuts down questions about her new album

Recently, Rihanna went live on her Instagram. However, her fans flooded her social media with questions about the new album they have been eagerly awaiting. While fans were excited for the singer’s response and hoping for hints about her new album, Rihanna gracefully dodged their inquiries.

During her Instagram live session, Rihanna advised her overexcited fans to “just relax, just be cool.” She made it clear that she’s not rushing into fulfilling what her fans are eagerly waiting for. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Rihanna has been keeping herself busy in her personal life, as she is a mother to two children.

More about Rihanna and her awaited work

Though fans are always curious to see their favorite artists come up with new projects regularly, Rihanna’s fans have been eagerly awaiting her new album, which hasn’t been announced yet. This was made clear even during her recent Instagram Live session.

However, after Rocky assured one fan who was inquiring about Rihanna’s anticipated new album by saying “she’s working on it,” Rihanna wants her fans to remain patient. She believes that things will unfold in due time, and if the album happens, her fans will be informed accordingly.

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