Kai Cenat’ Old Video Resurfaces Online: Sparks Hilarious Reactions and Memes on Social Media

An old video of streamer Kai Cenat has resurfaced on the internet, leading to fans trolling him. As one of the top streamers in the world, Cenat’s popularity on the internet has been quite impressive. However, this fame often leads to some embarrassing moments as well. Recently, an old video of him has gone viral, resulting in similar circumstances.

Read on to learn more about Kai Cenat’s old video resurfacing on the internet, leading to fans trolling him.

Kai Cenat’s Old Video Resurfaces Online

Streamer Kai Cenat is already a popular content creator on the internet, earning him the title of Streamer of the Year back-to-back. With millions of followers across social media, there have been a few instances where the streamer has faced embarrassment as well.

Recently, an old video of him has resurfaced on the internet, sparking discussions. The viral video depicts the streamer with a flower filter, eliciting reactions from netizens. To the extent that many have been trolling Kai for it.

More about the flower filter video of Kai Cenat

The viral old video of Kai Cenat was shared by a TikTok user, garnering a lot of attention on social media. Since then, there have been numerous comments on Cenat’s video, with many even referring to the streamer as “zesty.”

For those unfamiliar with the term “zesty,” it’s a slang used for effeminate men. Indeed, the viral reactions of netizens to the old video of Cenat with the flower filter were hard to miss. However, Kai Cenat did not react to the whole situation surrounding his old video.

Netizens react to old video of Kai Cenat

After TikTok shared the viral video of Kai Cenat with the flower filter, numerous comments flooded in. Thousands of views on the video followed suit. Users even took to trolling Kai for the resurgence of his old video on the internet.

One user wrote, “He’s never gonna recover from this.” Another added, “Old videos of Kai Cenat resurface, showing him acting zesty.” A user even commented on his video, saying, “I’m not a fan of the guy personally, but he’s just having a little fun.”

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